Organised Seroma??

I had a lumpectomy about 17 months ago. I have lump under the scar which after ultrasound they have said is an “organised seroma”. Does anyone have experience of this and what is the difference between an organised seroma and a normal one?
Many thanks, cherry

Hi Cherry Orchard,

I am not 100% certain but I think that an ‘organised’ seroma is one that has been there long enough to sort itself into compartments of fluid, with little membranes dividing it up. When I had a huge seroma in my back after my mx and immediate LD reconstruction and had to get it drained, they told me that it was already starting to ‘compartmentalise’ after a couple of weeks, and they had to break through the membranes to drain it (totally painless). Becuase mine didn’t resolve quickly they gave me a steroid injection which fixed it once and for all!

Hopefully someone with a definitive answer will be along soon. Hope you can get it sorted and move forward again.

Thanks Rev. What you say makes sense as he kept drawing my attention to this thickened area, maybe part of the compartment. I am having another ultrasound with my next mammo. If it has grown they are going to decide what to do. Apparently there is some haemotoma mixed with it as well. I got breast lympho. almost as soon as I has surgery. I kept saying there was something not right and they kept responding with its just lympho. It was only as the lympho reduced that this big rubbery lump was really obvious. Nothing showed on my last mammo.