Organising A Charity Power Walk

As yet again, I wasn’t successful in gettting into The Moonwalk, despite sending my form off on the first day they were available, the BC Support Group that I belong too, have suggested I set up a similar kind of event in my area, just for BC patients/ex patients, to raise funds for the local resource fund managed by our BC Nurses. Where do I start? Any advice would be gratefully received?

Hi Ginny,

I’m no expert but I can give you a few pointers as the running club that I belong to hold an annual event. I suggest that you make contact with running clubs in your area and find out if they hold an event that you can tag onto or at least give you advice

Decide on the length of the walk and map out a safe route- you can use to do this- you just need to put in the postcode for the area

You will need to get permission from the Council, so its best to have your ideal course, date etc decided beforehand. My club’s run starts in the local park, goes out onto the main road and back to the park again, so council permission is required. It is also good to make the local police aware of the event. Contact the Council’s environment and leisure service as they should be able to help you.

Contact local St.Johns ambulance or British Red Cross to find out if they can attend the event

Marshalling of the route (particularly if using public paths and roads) and good sign posting is essential- so you will need volunteers

Loads of publicity, entry fee, sponsership (this is the hardest thing)

I hope this is helpful. I am running with my club tomorrow so I will ask them if there is anything else to add.

Good luck,