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Hi my name is Karen this is my profile…
I live in Gloucestershire.
I was treated at Cheltenham Oncology unit.
DX jan 04…12mm invasive ductal breast cancer, grade 3, no nodes involved, no vascular invasion…surgery…WLE…treatments…chemo [FEC] radio’ now Tamoxifen.
Aunt was dx with BC 18 yrs ago [aged 50] then dx with bone mets over 2 yrs ago.
grandmother, mother and sister all had benign lumps removed.

I’m married to Steve…my wonderful husband, I have 1 daughter and 2 sons, 1 grandaughter and 1 grandson.

I work as a nursery nurse at a childrens day nursery.

I enjoy reading
I fundraise for the local breast cancer support group/breast care unit.

Hi - my name is Sarah - aged 38 - this is my profile!! - great idea Karen until other profiles are started!

DX Sep 03 - 14mm invasive ductual breast cancer, stage 2, 1 node involved, er+, pr+ and HER2+++
Had WLE, 6 x FEC and 4 weeks radiotherapy.
Then started Tamoxifen and Zoladex - had ovaries out October 04 and switched to Exemastane.
Rediagnosed in July 07 with high grade DCIS in same breast - had mastectomy with immediate LD flap recon and booked in for next preventative mastectomy on 14th March - also LD flap recon.

Been married for 16 years and have 2 beautiful boys aged 15 and 10.

Sarah x x x

Hi my name is Val I am almost 64 years old
dx October 06 after routine mammogram
WLE and node sampling end of Oct
dx Triple Negative IDC 2cm
Chemo startd Dec 06 4xFEC 4xTaxotere finished May07
Radsx15finished June07
lymph nodes clear,wide clear margins round lump
Very severe side effects from tax leaving me with peripheral neuropathy
I live in Shropshire
good prognosis but always scared
I am a retired teacher
I have 2 children,3step children and 8 amazing grandchildren
I am very happily married
Ihave 2 cats,love books and folk music enjoy travel and used to own a canal boat

Bringing this to the top there must be more than 3 who want to share these.

Hiya girls

I’m Julie, aged 47 and live in Bolton
DX Dec 06 with Grade 3 Triple Neg, no nodes affected and clear margins
4 x Epi/8 x CMF
15 Rads plus 4 boost
All treatment finished end September 07
Married with 3 sons, 23, 19 and 10 (don’t ask)
Just had 1st check up and mammogram was ‘normal’
Currently feeling well and will be going back to work in 3 weeks (eek!)
Work as a team leader in the MIS dept at local college
Have 1 cat, love books, Nintendo Wii, wine and chocolate

Probably forgotten something

Julie x

I’m Sharon, 49, living in Tunbridge Wells
Dx May 07, Grade 3, 5cm, HER2+, weakly ER+ & PR+
6x FEC that shrunk lump
WLE & clearance Oct 07. No node involvment
23 x rads
Now having Herceptin until Nov 08 and on Arimidex

I work in a senior HR role and my employers have been great. I went back to the office part time in Jan although I have been working at home all the way through treatment.

I love to travel - looking forward to getting back to that now the bulk of treatment finished. I am divorced with no kids but two cats

I am Anne - aged 40 diagnosed 30th july 2007, WLE and SNB - clear margins on IDC grade 3 but large area of DCIS and SNB positive. Opted for mastectomy with recon - 12/28 lymph positive, another 1mm area of IDC (not known about previously). ER+ and PR+ HER2 -. just finished 3 fec and 1 tax, 1 abandoned tax as anaphalytic reaction and 2 CMF.
Due to start rads in 4 weeks and tamoxifen.
Surprisingly feel well - although rough at times on chemo - but it was much more doable than I thought.
Have two children 6and 4 and a lovely OH.(been married 20 years!)
Been off work sice July but hoping to work some hours during rads - I am a nurse - managers been fab.
Love travelling, my children and having fun.

Anne x

Hi there. This is my profile…

Was dx last year when I was 27 but found the lump when I was 26.
Left mastectomy May '07, bi-focal IDC, 2.2cm and 1.5cm, Grade 3, Er+, Pr+, Her2-,
High grade DCIS measuring 9.6cm (a lot for a 34AA! Ha ha!),
Lymphovascular invasion, 20/23 nodes positive including apical node (with extracapsular extension??)
Suspected secondary lesion in liver but thankfully scan post chemo showed no signs of it.
4xAC and 4xtaxol every2wks, 27xrads, tamoxifen x5yrs, zoladex x3yrs at least, zometa for bones weakened by treatment every 6 mths.

Live with my lovely boyfriend. No kids. Advised to have none for next 5yrs. I facilitate art classes in a few hospitals. Worked part-time during my treatment. Do a bit of art and have an exhibition opening next week.

No family history of BC (althou my dad died from renal cell cancer 5wks after dx 6yrs ago). My BC went undiagnosed for nearly a yr, was repeatedly told there was nothing to worry about. The first breast clinic performed only an ultrasound.

Have dealt with the whole BC thing really well and feeling good about the future.

Hi there!

I’m Jacki from Camberley, Surrey. I am 46 and was diagnosed Feb 19th last year. I had two small tumours in my left breast (invasive lobular cancer) and extensive LCIS in both breasts. I had a mastectomy a few weeks after diagnosis. Stage 1, Grade 2, no lymph node spread, ER and PR 100% positive. No chemo or rads. Am on Tamoxifen and was having Zoladex injections but side-effects made me so depressed, I felt suicidal, so stopped those last month. Yippee - no more hot flushes!!

I am having a prophylactic mastectomy on April 10th to reduce risk of cancer returning, for balance (didn’t want recon) and cosmetic purposes. Large keloid scarring making life difficult on original mast site, so don’t like wearing prosthesis.

I was a teacher (young 'uns) for a number of years, lived in the U.S. for 12 years (went to uni there) and now work as a Receptionist at a veterinary surgery, which I love!

Not married, no children, but very proud ‘mum’ of 6 house rabbits (Molly, Willoughby, Lottie, Elliott, Toby and Merry). Also love being an auntie to James, Bethany and Rebecca.

So grateful to this forum and for everyone on it – support has been tremendous!

Jacki xx

Hello I am Jackie. Nice to meet you all.

I havn’t been diagnosed, but have strong familly history (but not brca 1/2)
Had left prophylactic mast with immed LD recon & implant 5 weeks ago. Due to have right soon.
Plan to have ovaries removed also ASAP.

I am 39, seperated, 2 children (18 & 14). 2 dogs, 1 horse & 1 guinea pig.
Live in Kent.
I work as a Forensic Nurse.

My ambition when I have healed is to learn to swim.

Best wishes to everyone. x

HI my name is Breda,
im 31 years old i live in ilreland
was diagnosed last july with invasive ductal cancer
3mm tumour hr+ and pr + had WLE then 2 weeks later had axilary clearence as nodes were positive
had 6 chemo on 30 rads now then have to have 6 taxol, herceptin and tamoxifin for 5 years
I worked away while on chemo, had to cut back hours now as having reaction to rads finding it a bit tough.
keeping positive all the way true have 2 kids age 11 and 7 and a good husband that keeps me going , plus all the friends on here.
best wishes to all on here its great to share our stories
lots of love breda xxx

Hi I am Linda

I am 50 and live in Billericay Essex.
I was diagnosed November 15th 2007.
Invasive ductal carcinoma. 3 tumours 3.8cm, 2.6cm, and 1.2 cm. Grade 3. 2 out of 13 node involvement.
ER+ PR+ HER2 -
Had WLE and axillary clearance in December, had an infected seroma.
Started chemo in January. EC x 4 to be followed by Taxotere x 4.
Then I have 33 Rads to breast and neck and 5 years Tamoxifen.
I am a Ward Manager and work with people suffering acute stroke.
I am not working through treatment because of the risk of infection.
I have been married to my husband for 3 and half years who is wonderful and very supportive, and have 2 children from a previous marriage. son 27 and daughter 24. They are wondeful and love them to pieces.
Am looking forward to going Austrailia whn I finish tretment.


Hi I’m Jan…Triple negs seem under represented here!!

I am 39 and was diagnosed with grade 3, 2cm tumour 1/11 nodes affected. Triple Neg in Nov 05. had left mast, EPI/CMF and rads.

Secondary in eyes (yes eyes!!!), lung, bones and poss liver diagnosed Dec 07. Had rads to eyes and just started taxotare and having at least 6 maybe 9.

I work as a team leader in an office and worked all through my first lot, but secondaries seem harder so have been off since Dec. I WILL go back if I feel well enough.

Married to Aitch and have a son who is nearly 9…2 cats and 2 chickens.

Med cruise booked for August!!!


HI Everyone

I’m Geraldine 46, diagnisos Aug 2006, 15mm ductal invasive rt breast with 6/14 lymph nodes involved. WLE with clear margins, Had FEC and Taxotare, 20 rads and 18 Heceptins, Have now finished treatment and feeling well.

Have 2 daughters 9 and 15

I work as a Health visitor.

Treated at the Whittington North London

Hi everyone

Diagnosed October 2003, then aged 54, 7 months after misdiagnosis by consultant who was subsequently disciplined by GMC in September 2007.

er-, pr- her2- ‘triple negative’. IDC.

6 cycles of AC, then mastectomy and axilla clearancce. 23/25 nodes with cancer; vascular invasion 4 cycles of taxotere and 25 rads to chest wall and neck.

NED until April 2007. Diagnosed with regional recurrence(incurable), cancer in clavicle nodes and chest wall. Surgery and rads not options. May-September 2007 6 cycles vinorilbione and xeloda followed by 3 cycles further xeloda. Jan 2008 currently on 3rd cycle of carboplatin and gemzar. CT scan December showed no disease in major organs but cancer still active and growing again regionally. Will be rescanned in March.

Interested in politics of breast cancer: role of charities; myths and misconceptions about breast cancer; social constuction of ideas about cancer ‘thinking positive’ and ‘fighting battles’ as unhelpful metaphors. Have campaigned for more information and research on triple negative bc. Also now on lack of information and support for those with incurable regional recurrences who don’t belong in anyone’s club.

Took early retirement from teaching (teacher training). Lesbian, living with my partner. No children. Have been hanging around these forums since February 2004.



My name is Debra

Diagnosed 19 Decmber 2007 age 42, grade 2, 2.2cm ER+
WLE and 5 nodes removed on 10 January 2008, nodes where clear
Further surgery 21 February 2008 as margins were not clear on one side
Further surgery planned for ovaries to be removed 6 March 2008 and then 25 session of radiotherapy
Tamoxifen for the next five years

Being treated at Hallamshire, Jessops and Weston park hospital, anyone else being treated in Sheffield

Single with two sons aged 22 and 18 whom I love dearly and both still live at home

Work for the Home Office in Sheffield

I am sure I have missed somthing of but can always edit if I have


Hi Everyone,
Good to see people posting…re., being cautious thread…can understand concerns, but has been said is no different to
posting on any other thread on this forum in regard of forum being open.
Looking forward to more posts/profiles…and getting to know everyone.


Hi every body,
I’m Sharon, 45 yrs old and was dx Friday 13th Jan 06. Grade 2, stage 2 invasive ductal carcinoma, had WLE only to find that the tumor was twice as big as first thought,l also had no clear margins, LCIS and DCIS, 1/4 nodes. So next had a mastectomy, 6 X FEC, 25 rads, 5 years Tamoxifen followed by 2 - 5 years ‘other’. Good prognosis and feeling really good at the mo. Started an online diary (google: beastcancerdiary if you want a look). Found it theraputic but haven’t felt the need to make an entry for a while.
Have wonderful hubby, three lovely children, girl nearly 20, boys, 17 and 10. Feel positive most of the time but struggled a bit during treatment, had to work a lot through out as we have our own business. Still, it was nice to have an understanding boss!
Don’t mean to be nosy but it is comforting (sort of) to read each others profiles.
Take care all
Sharon. xx

When I read your posts I feel a little under informed if that makes sense all I know is that I got diagnosed with 3 different cancers in june 2006,immediate left mastectomy then in sept 2007 prophylactic right mastectomy and double tram flap recon,take tamox and zoladex,no chemo but cancer was feeding off hormones in my body hence the zoladex,had lymph nodes took but had not spread,this is pretty much all I understand and I thought I asked loads of questions…obviusly I didnt ask enough.

Hi ladies,

Dx 21 Feb 2007 - lobular invasive cancer - WLE and SNB 23 March - 12 mm tumour - very lucky, no lymph involvement - but histology revealed extensive LCIS so mastectomy and immediate recon 12 April 2007. Also proved to have no vascular invasion either. So, great, no chemo, no radiotherapy - feel very lucky - though could have done without it in the first place.

New nipple booked for Sunday 16th March - see how dedicated my PS is! Will be on tamoxifen for 5 years - started on Nolvadex D in Sept - have to report no really bad side effects for slightly aching bones and weariness - and short temper, but do feel BC has a LOT to do with this.

Now live in SE London with my three boys, my lovely partner and his three lovely children - his partner passed away from secondary BC some years ago - obviously, he has crap luck. Have to say though, I have moments when I think this is all rubbish and then I have (probably more) times when I think “I love my life”.

Love to you all,

Sally xx