Out of the mouths of babes.....

Hi Girls

Had to share this with you…

I have just been to collect my daughter from school - I stand outside of the gates behind some railings and I noticed a little girl swinging on the railings in front of me, and staring. She then said (in hardly a quiet voice) “are you a boy or a girl ?” Now can I just add at this point, that I was wearing jeans, wedged boots, a brown jacket and a PINK stripy beanie hat (to conceal and keep warm what little hair I have). I smiled at her (through gritted teeth) and said I was a girl.

She then asked (in a louder voice) “Are you bald ?”. I said “no”. She said “Well I can’t see your hair under that hat - where is it ?” I told her that I did have some thanks very much, and then I reached through the railings and strangled her… no I didn’t really! I explained that I had been poorly and had lost my hair but I was now getting better and it was growing back, but was very short. She seemed happy with that and skipped off back to her Mum (no doubt to tell her about the she/he with a bald head).

Good job I can laugh - had this come from an adult, I would’ve been really upset !

Love to you all, and keep smiling

Julie xxx

Thanks for passing that on Julie, I need a laugh at the moment!

What are kids like honestly that was funny.

I have never forgotten a little girl saying to me many years ago, ‘whats that spider on your face’? it was 2 horrid moles i have with hair growing out of them. I howled laughing but since that day i have cut the hair regularily. Oh i didnt have to during chemo!!!

I am sure your hair looks great growing back, i loved the feel of my spiky head, people were kind and said i suited it but wheni look at pics now i think they were humouring me.

Take Care

when i was working in a nursery and had been for quite a while and was known as mrs harrison
out of the blue one of the children asked “are you a boy?”
i had always thought of myself as feminine looking so it was quite a shock but obviously to a 3 year old
very short hair means a boy!!!