Out the end of a long dark tunnel

My incredible wife has just finished her last radiotherapy zapping after enduring 2 x Ops to remove lump and lymphnodes, IVF treatment, egg harvesting, 6 x FEC and 25x Rads, now just leaving the trudge through the tamoxifen.

I never thought we’d get here and after the emotional rollercoaster of hell, although my wife has been resolute throughout (on the outside at least), I am numb and feel underwhelmed after all that. iam trying hard not to panic about ‘what next?’

For those OHs/friends and family of those going through this bugger of a disease and who are part way through or about to embark on this rocky road, all I’ll say is it can be done, it is hard and there will be times that you’ll not have the emotional energy to carry on (but you do), but be sure that there is support in every quarter particularly in here.

I know it is not over, is it ever?, but I cannot thank everyone on this site enough for giving me the support and advice that has made this journey managable. I just pray that this is the last of any such treatment that my awesome wife has to encounter.

I offer my support and experiences to anyone who is staring at the abyss of despair and needs an ear to bend.

Kindest regards


Congratulations to you both for getting this far on the trudge, and thank you for keeping in touch on here. I think it’s very helpful to get the OH’s perspective sometimes, and you have been great at keeping us posted.

Just because the big bits of active treatment are over doesn’t mean you can’t keep popping on, even if just to say hello and let us know that NED is still your friend (NED = No Evidence of Disease).

Best of luck to you and your wife, and hopefully you’ll soon be able to have that well-deserved honeymoon.

Hi Mr & Mrs Richardh72, so glad you are feeling ok and for sharing your journey with us all, would like to wish you both all the best for the future, and please keep letting us know how you both are, take care junieliz x

Great to see you out the end of treatment!


I wish we had a ‘like’ button x

Just lovely to hear of such support, courage and endurance… thatnks for the post - it encourages the rest of us. Bless you. Jane