Ovarian cyst or cancer?

Hi All

I am due top go into hospital tomorrow for a laparoscopy and I am passed myself, I have had a scan which showed a cyst at 6-7cm and they want to do futehr explorations…has anyone had experience of this? I am now starting to worry that its ovarian cancer, my symptoms are so similar. I know you may find this paranoid but I don’t know what else to think. I am on tamixifen, was diagnosed in June 2006, had WLE, chemo and Radiotherapy, I have had this pelvic pain since August last year but put it down to the tablets.

Any advice would be greatly received.


Claire x

Hi Claire,
No ‘advice’ from me because I haven’t a clue, but I am in a similar position, though have only just started chemo after lumpectomy and axial clearance (4 out of 18). A CT scan before chemo showed the all-clear except for what the doc assures me is only a cyst in right ovary of about 6 cm. I’m 50 & he says this is so common for my age, and its appearance so obviously ‘cystic’ that it is nothing to worry about - though they will do an ultrasound at some point to further check it out. I too have had the odd sharp pain - which I now notice when before I probably didn’t.

Naturally, the same kind of thoughts occur to me - though I have not looked at symptoms of ovarian cancer and nor am I going to - because even if there were concern it might be cancer, they might think it better to postpone surgery until after primary chemo is concluded. I want to be watching the doc’s face when I put this to him, so I’ll bring it up when I see him before round two of my Tax therapy. On the other hand, I have full faith in the Finnish medical system where I am being treated, and don’t see the point in worrying needlessly, so I’m not. If it’s the worst, we’ll buckle on a bit more armour and start again, won’t we Claire? But I’m certain it won’t be. If they suggested cyst, then cyst it is.

Best of luck - though I’m sure you will be fine.
M-L x

Hello to you both.

I am currently on chemo for breast cancer and my mum is on chemo for ovarian cancer and possible secondaries. She had had a pain for almost a year before it was detected and that only happened by accident. The good thing in both your cases is that ‘something’ has been detected. My mums tumour was 14cm and was removed. They also threw in a hysterectomy for free!

I am so pleased that it was detected, if not I don’t know if my mum would be here now.

I wish you both the best, I’m sure you are in good hands


Hi There - I too have an ovarian cyst which showed up when I had the liver scan after I was first diagnosed with BC. Apart from it being noted on the scan result no one has mentioned it again! Perhaps I should ask…!

Hi Sarah,
Nothing much to add to discussion, except a cyber hug if you are still online. I’m happily insomniac tonight, so our different timezones cross. Say hi to my homeland for me, and yes - tell them to check out the cyst. I was in hosp 18 months ago with an abdominal infection which one careless doctor identified as ovarian cancer after a minute with the ultrasound - then sent me out to the waiting area all in a turmoil. I sat there dealing with it for a moment (waiting for my wheelchair ride back to my ward) - it was totally unexpected - then he stuck his head out and said, sorry, he hadn’t read my history first & on closer examination it was nothing of the kind. I wish I knew his address, I’d send him some pheasant crap in a pretty box. (I live in the countryside, lots of pheasant crap round here.) In his defence, I was being examined by an inept junior who didn’t know what to make of what she saw, and though the infection was severe (nearly 2 weeks in hosp) they never quite decided its cause. Or if they did, I missed that part.
Love to you, M-L

Lovely to hear from you M-L, I always look out for your postings. I’m enjoying the third of a four week break before starting radiotherapy. Funny (and pleasing) how the side effects of chemo are already becoming just a memory! (Well - not the hair bit that is, need a few months for that!). Canberra is now very cold - apparently it turns this way after Anzac Day! Do hope all is going well with you - I think I read that a few of the family were coming to help out! Love Sarah x