Ovaries and falopian tubes operation

His all, 

Last Monday I had my ovaries and falopian tubes out so still recovering. Wondering if anyone else has had this op and how long recovery lasts? Also any advice regarding after op ie: constipation. I’ve been taking pain relief co-codamol and Naproxen. 


Any advice or tips etc would be most appreciated thanks xxxxxx

Hi Sarah!ouise, just acknowledging your post. Haven’t had your op, but have suffered constipation with pain killers. Not nice at all.? A stool softener is handy to have. I bought one from a local well known pharmacy. I also found liquorice was excellent for me, and soft dried apricots on my porrage. I know prunes help, too. Personally I can’t stand them, but when needs must…

Hope this helps a little re constipation. I’m sure someone will be along shortly who can answer your question about the op. Good luck with your recovery. X



I’m 34 and I had this op on 17th July (a Monday), I was ok the Tuesday and Wednesday, dreadful the Thursday and better again on the Friday when I managed a half hour walk. I do have the added complication of bone mets. I’d say it took me 10 days to feel properly okay again. I can’t think of a nice way to say this but your first big fart is a glorious thing! My dissolvable stitches are still a bit visible but the scars are very neat. 



In terms of being plunged into the menopause, Ive had a few hot flushes and night sweats so far but that might also be my new letrozole drug. My joints are stiff but again that might be the letrozole. I find if I sit down for too long I’m more achey. I was a bit stiff yesterday for example, went to the cinema and sat still for 2 hours and was a bit more stiff walking around after that.


Be kind to yourself and don’t do too much too soon xx