Ovary Removal- Help appreciated!

This is my second attempt at posting. The first mysteriously disappeared- just about sums it up really! Anyway, hear we go: I have had breast cancer twice, the second discovered when I had biltateral mastecomies last year. I have a brca1 mutation and with my history, am having my ovaries and fallopian tubes removed at the end of April.
I know that other women have had this procedure and as its now my turn, would really appreciate any advice, feedback on recovery time etc. I am having key-hole surgery and hoping to be in one night. Everyone keeps telling me that it will be very easy in comparison with the previous surgeries, chemo etc. I know this but still feeling apprehensive. I had quite a lot of -unexpected-complications with my previous surgery (actually, that is an understatement) so I know where my anxiety is coming from, but would be really good to hear from those of you the other side and be reminded that it will be okay.
Many thanks, Rattles

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Hi rattles,

what is happening. - another posting lost… :frowning:
I replied yesterday. - and saw two others had replied to your message too… I hope they can see your new thread and send their views again. (I remember both saying the oopherectomy is much easier than mastectomies :-).
you have been through so much, and I am sorry to hear more surgery is ahead. I had an oopherectomy too, but mine was done at the same time as my second mastectomy. That part of surgery was keyhole, and the good news was that the removal of my ovaries did not cause me any pain afterwards, and the scars are tiny. it took about 45 minutes I was told. So not such a massive thing as the mastectomies surgery you have had already. I hope you surgery goes smooth, and that compared to what you have already gone through this will be easy.
since my oopherectomy I am taking vitamin d3 tablets, prescribed by the oncologist, and have a dexa bone density scan every two years, as having no oestrogen will make me more prone to osteoporosis. Will you be needing this too? I am also on letrozole, so perhaps that makes my need for this vit d stronger.

i hope the surgery goes well for you.
Wishing you the very best



I replied yesterday - not sure if you saw my reply or not. Anyway…

I had my ovaries removed by keyhole surgery in 2011 and it was a doddle. I only had to stay in overnight because of recent previous medical history of breast cancer, chemo etc. I was up and about out of bed as soon as the anaesthetic had worn off. I experienced no pain and although signed off work for 2 weeks (at the hospitals insistence) I felt like a bit of a fraud as I felt fine.

I was warned I might wake up from the procedure with pain in the shoulder area related to the volume of gas pumped into the abdomen for the surgery. Luckily I did not experience this although I know someone who has.

I hope it’s all straightforward for you too. Do message me if you’d like to ask anything else.

Thanks so much Christine and Puffywhiteclouds,
Ive been told I will probably be in over-night- I am a bit worried as I have lymphodema in both arms but hopefully this should only mean that a vein will be harder ti find. I have agreed with doctors that I will be off for 6 weeks- but I had four ops last year and chemo (for the second time) so I sense this is because of the accumalitive effect of treatment. If I feel better I can go back sooner though to be honest, though I enjoy work, I get ever so tired out.
I wonder if you mind me asking how old you were and your experience of menopausal symptoms? I suffered really badly this time with chemo and I can tell that my ovaries have recovered a bit recently. I would really like to go away for half term? Or even the younger women’s forum - 17 days later- wondering if I am being over ambitious?
Thanks again. Feels so good to know you have come through the other side.
Rattles, x

Will PM you.

Hi Rattles,

Sorry if this is too late as I’m not sure when you are having your oopherectomy but I haven’t been on here for a while. I had the op on the 5th Nov last year and it was a walk in the park in comparison to the other stuff (chemo/rads/mx/2nd mx and double recon using LD flap). I was in the operating theatre for around 1 hour and came round feeling fine! I was just in overnight and came home feeling practically no discomfort. The scars are very small - hardly noticeable actually. I do get some hot flushes though even though I had the menopause at 52 (I am now 60). I have started using soya milk instead of normal milk and it does seem to help. I do seem to get more flushes when I am stressed though so not sure how much is psychological. Hope you have a similar experience to me. I feel better for having had it done as I was diagnosed with BRCA 2.

Thanks for Jan, another voice of reassurance. I am really hoping my op goes smoothly. Heavens knows I deserve it. I had so many complications after my mastecomies I felt I could not even post as I was worried it would terrify anyone contemplating the surgery. As a brca1 mutation carrier, like others, feel I have no choice and its awful worrying about cancer at every twinge. But, I am still very, very scared about the procedure and how I will manage afterwards. I am 44 years old and no idea what impact the menopausal symptoms will have.
Anyway, its late at night that my fears get the better of me and it means alot to remind myself it will be okay.
Rattles, x

Just a quick update. I am home after op on Monday. Can relate to Jan’s comments-its been alot easier so far than the bilateral mastecomies/recon saga, but still I am feeling it, and had terrible pain in shoulders of all places though it is passing. I can see that scarring will be minimal. Ive had a lot of advice about managing menopausal symptoms, but glad to be at home and in my own bed.
Thanks to all for your support. Rattles x
PS Just wanted to add that procedure took 2 hours as this was longer than I thought.

Pleased to hear it’s all done and you’re back home. Sorry to hear about the shoulder pain and I hope that subsides soon.

Best wishes.

Hey sweetie

glad alls gone well… hopefully your now deflating a bit and the shoulder pain is lessening… All the air they pump in rises to the top.

your BSO took longer then my hyst and BSO… I was a 90mins.

hope the SEs are manageble xxxx