Over 5 years on and rarely come here

It’s nearly 6 years since my dx…grade 3…3 out of 24 nodes positive…but I’m here.


I thought it was a death sentence and planned my funeral (it’s still there on my PC)…but although the treatment wasn’t pleasant…it was so worth it…just kept my head down and had the chemo etc.


It takes a while to get over the treatment…but you do. I’ve said before in previous years, that my hospital bag complete with wig is still there on top of the wardrobe, and I won’t tempt providence by throwing it out (but it is getting a bit moth-eaten). 


I’ve had so many fantastic holidays to cross off my bucket list and have many more planned.


Just think positive, do the treatment…and you’ll soon be out the other side.



Thanks so much for your inspirational post Maltomlin1 - is great to read about people doing so well, so many years down the line. Wishing you continued good health and happiness xx

many congratulations Maltomlin, well done you

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Good to hear maltamlin1,I’m due my 2nd chemo of 6 & you’re right - keep you’re head down & you get there! I’m thinking positive,but can’t wait until this time next year.x