Blimey! It really hurts trying to pull off the kinesio tape! Any tips?


Be careful removing the tape. I managed to take off the top layer of skin. I understand its more a case of rolling it off gently than actually pulling it.

Have you noticed any improvement?


Yes, have definitely noticed an improvement which is encouraging. Did rip it off in the end as it was stuck fast! Thanks for the warning though. Shall be more careful next time!

Go away for a week and take exactly the right amount of tape to redo it just so often, Twice, three times, whatever she said. It will immediately peel off from every corner, before you even get near the shower. Tried and tested method!

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I found it helped but I need to do both sides now. I have oedema over ribs after bilateral mastectomy.feel as if an iron band is around my chest and lower ribs were very sore . It has helped the rib pain not the chest.

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Bit of oil on it and push it back slowly used to work for me. Something like bath oil or baby oil rather than cooking variety!!