Oxford and Banbury

Is there anyone out there from Oxfordshire? I have been on these forums for a year now but have not noticed anyone from this area.

I am not from Oxford or Banbury but live in Brill ten miles fron the Churchhill where I am having DXT soon. Banbury is about twenty two miles away.


I was treated at the Churchill from September 10/March this year for for DCIS. Now onto 5 year monitoring. Next Onc appt on 9 December at Churchill.

I found staff were lovely & have been posting from about last Nov after my second WLE. I don’t post as often now but do “lurk” a bit to keep up with what’s going on.

Hope all is well with you.


I’m an Oxfordshire girl too - near Witney. Have treatment at The Manor & The Churchill.


I had mx at the Horton as Churchill were full, but had chemo/rads at Churchill. Appointments at Banbury now as my onc is based there. Great team at both places. I think we are very fortunate to live in Oxon. Dugsy I’m from near Witney too.

I’m another Oxfordshire girl - right from the North of the county, but had all my treatment at the Churchill.


Abingdon as well. The Churchill has become my second home. Tomorrow last rad, so I should get to see less of it.

I’m near Deddington, a little village about 3 miles from there Duns Tew
Clare xx

Hello Ladies
Im also close, i live in Didcot near Oxford. I am due my yearly Mammogram next week. I had lumpectomy and chemo at The Manor Oxford, then Rads at Churchill.
Tricia x

Hello Ladies
Im also close, i live in Didcot near Oxford. I am due my yearly Mammogram next week. I had lumpectomy and chemo at The Manor Oxford, then Rads at Churchill.
Tricia x

Forgot to say…my onc is at the horton and also had all my treatment in the best small, family like unit at the Horton. I couldn’t praise it enough.

Clare xxx

Hi yall.
Just to say the Brodey centre at the Horton is the best! Great you are just down the road from it Clare. I had my MX in Horton but chemo was moved to Oxford in view of the ice and snow last year. Banbury can be a bit of a trek across the hills for me. probably the best decision as I was admitted 5/6 times with neutropenia :frowning: Rads at Oxford.
Back at the Horton now as onc is based there. Churchill at Oxford was brilliant in lots of ways but I love the small scale of Horton and seeing the same staff. I wish every small town had a unit like the Brodey as travelling far whilst on treatment isn’t good. Vercors I know what you mean about Churchill feeling like a second home. I made a few cheeky purchases in the clothes shop on site there and enjoyed many a hot choc at the league of friends cafe. DEARLOVE make sure you treat yourself! At least the Oxford girlies get a parking permit. I used to be naughty and park in the one nearest the door where you are not supposed to. No one ever told me off:) Tricia hoping mammo goes fine. They did let me know the same day which was great.:)x

I was treated at the Churchill for DCIS four years ago with surgery and radiotherapy. Must say my surgeon was a grumpy old bugger but the radiotherapy team were lovely and the oncologists are too. Going for annual mammogram tomorrow. I live nearer Banbury but never was offered the option of the Horton although it is much nearer to me. I agree that although the Churchill is good, I never see the same person twice and because I had DCIS, I only ever see a registrar, never the consultant. I understand the reasons why, but it would be nice at some stage to see the same peron!