Girls i am due to start pablocilb alson known as inbrace. I am just wondering if the will start me on iron or something to stop my haemaglobin from dropping when im in the treatment x.

Many thanks again for your support x


From my experience your oncologist will probably see how your bloods cope with this regime before adding anything extra to boost blood cell counts. Different people react differently to the treatments and I think they (oncs) tend to not prescribe anything extra unless necessary. 

Hope you do well on this new combo but at the moment as its a first line of hormone treatment (for mets) you may find not many ladies in the UK are on it. FF (Funnyface) who is in the USA has been on it so she may be able to help with any questions you may have, there is an existing thread about this drug so you could read back on that for more info from ladies who’ve had it.

Nicky x

Weemee, I have never heard of anyone taking meds before hand for blood issues. Each person and each treatment is unique. They would check your bloods and then decide. I don’t know what they would do if t h I s is a chronic issue for you. Yesterday, on the bone met thread I typed a long message to Joelek about “ibrance”! It would be easier for you to pop over there and have a read, than for me to retype it. Good luck! FF