has anyone had weekly sessions of the above am going for trial of pac/avastin or pac /metmab or all 3of course you dont know what you get any advice will be great x

Hi Rachel
Havent been able to post all weekend as we have been at our caravan and cant get an internet signal there…
Glad your appt at the christy went well and it was worth the journey. What date do you start the chemo then? My onc has also mentioned this trial as its also available at clatterbridge. I am not keen on doing weekly chemo at this stage and as I tolerated carbo so well earlier this year, I will have another go at carboplatin- maybe with gem- before I try weekly tax. My hair is just about getting somewhere and I know thats a trivial issue, but I really dont want to lose my hair unless I have to. Also, given I didnt respond to tax initially, Im not in any rush to try another taxane (although my onc said a minority respond well to some but not others).
Good thing with trials is that you will be really well mnitored which is always reassuring :slight_smile:
Was there any mention of the new chemo erublin or something like that? Its been mentioned on here and has had positive results with tnbc.
Wishing you lots of luck and a fab response on this !!
Love Tina xx

hi tina, no mention of eribulin but have noted that one too, no i am not keen on weekly sessions but needs must will just have to see how it goes if i took the gem carb now then the trial wasnt an option in future so decided to take a chance i didnt respond to docetaxel either but apparently taxanes work in different ways and with the metmab or avastin i am just praying for results am wary of a ct my remaining boob is huge and solid and sore and my arm so painful on mx side so just need somthing to hopefully settle things,when do you get your ct results?its just dreadful isnt it?xxx

I will have to ask for more info about the trial to check it will be an option later. That wasnt mentioned and I obviously dont want to miss out on a treatment option given we are so lacking in that department!!
Had scan last week but found out later that my onc is on leave this week and cant see me until next fri 11th!! Im sure I will be harrassing someone before then though. My neck/ clavical is like a bag of peas there are so many palpable nodes and its sore too, and my chest wall is so sore. Ive given in and started taking pain relief as its keeping me awake. Felt really sick the last few days- pretty sure its just the anti biotics Im on but Im naturally worried.
Feel so worried as Ive had no chemo since may!! This wheezy chest is my biggest concern think I need a miracle…
Will watch this thread with interest to see peoples experiences of the trial. xxxx

hope you get your results sooner we all hate waiting will quizz docs more on trial and keep you informed just got to give it a go as you say we are limited but can see your point of having carb again so just hope your scans are ok we are apair arent we? one thing after another but we will keep grabbing what they throw at us wont we?hugs to you xxx


just wondering how you have got on with this trial. My mum started the same one just over 6 weeks ago. Thank you.

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I just started this trial today. I wonder how it has gone for you Fairyqueen?