Paclitaxel weekly

After 3 x fec and 1 x Doxetaxol/herceptin my chemo was stopped due to extreme side effects and hospital admission. Im currently on 2 week break to give me a chance to recover from horrendous side effects. Im due to start paclitaxel weekly with Herceptin does anyone have any experience of this chemo? I seem to get all side effects going so im dreading it.

Hey Sib
After reading your post it struck a cord with me cause I reacted very similar with my first doxitaxal and herceptin. I think some of us are more sensitive to these drugs. It is so tough but I am sure they will make sure you do not react like that again with next treatment.
I had an extra 2 weeks to recover also after being admitted for 11 days. They discussed either having the weekly paclitaxal or a reduced 3 weekly dose of doxitaxal again. I was terrified of being so I’ll again. With me they decided to try the reduced 80% doxitaxal again. I also took extra steroids over a longer time to help control the pain better. And had a nurse come to the house to give me the bone injections and see to my picc line. I was miles better with these changes. It was manageable and I did not need to be admitted . Hurrah ??
So sounds as if you are going to try the weekly . I was told it was smaller more regular doses which are less likely to give you a huge reaction in one go.
Sending you loads of huggs
And speedy recoveries ?

Thank you so much. I so desperately needed to hear something positive. Xxx