Paget's disease biopsy tomorrow morning - has anyone else had this biopsy?

After symptoms my GP sent me to the breast clinic where it was decided I needed a mammogram and ultrasound to rule out Paget’s disease, which I had on Tuesday afternoon, I received a phone call this morning asking if I was able to attend the clinic to have biopsy tomorrow morning. I am now understandably concerned and nervous.
Has anyone on here been through or going through this particular procedure? Does it hurt? How long till I get the results?

Hi Jo’Anne,

Sorry you haven’t had any replies as yet to your question, and I hope your biopsy went well.  I have put for you below the link to BCC’s publication for Paget’s disease below and hope you find it helpful.

Take care,

Jo, Moderator

Hi, have you had your results yet?

I have just had surgery to remove my nipple and areole after being digosed wth pagets.

i am waiting for further results form th biopsy to see if there is any further treatment needed, but my appt is not until next weds 4th june!

the waiting is awful .

i hope the outcome hasbeen better fo you