Paget's disease

I was diagnosed July 2014 with IDC in right breast and had a simple mastectomy I also had a benign tumor on left breast so I had lumpdctomy when I went fora check up this week with my surgeon she noticed crusting on the left nipple I will have a mammogram in June of next year in my noted she mentioned Paget’s disease should I have a biopsy sooner than 6 months to confirm whether or not it is indeed Paget’s disease? Worried as I thought tumor was benign MD said she will keep an eye o. It. I went through chrmo.radiation and herceptin hate to have to go through another bout
I read some of the recent postd
Would someone please comment is it too long to wait till my next mammogram to confirm.
Appreciate your replies

Hi Suewah, 

I am sorry to hear you are going through this anxious time. I am sure our users will be along to answer your questions and provide their support shortly.

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Thanks Sioosie_Soo o for your reply will keep an eye on the symptoms