pain after auxilia clearance

hi i had my op on dec 7th 2016
my arm went hard and sore very red and painfull numb arm and i struggled with exercises told to percivere.
2 weeks later it started swelling went harder and redder on 28th dec i was admitted to rph with a severe infection put on drip antibiotics and oral to stayed in 5 days on 5th day my scar from op burst open and what i can describe as the worse pain ever worst smell ever and the most disgusting brown black red slimy stuff came bursting out everywere. after passing out i came to to be told my abcess had burst…
5 days later im left with a 3 inch hole under my arm being lacked daily yo drain infection out. 10p% better now for pain but at risk for more infection with open wound.
also my mastectomy was due in 4th jan but been put back to 25th jan now so well over guidlines for getting it done and im so scared of the cancer still in there ive been assured it wont and if it does chemo will destroy it but mentally im a mess.
i just wish it was a dream and i was healthy again x

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hi Embo,
So sorry you’ve been through such a difficult time & inevitably it’s the pits dealing with this complication.
It will resolve & treatment will proceed to get it dealt with, but obviously your team has to get you through this first.
Come back here & chat whenever you need to.
ann x

thanks ann
i have my mastectomy on 25th january my infection is at bay now but i do have a open wound thats being packed daily by nurses. i cant have recon now as a implant would be rejected due to infection and also a risk to cause another so its another hurdle to get over also having to wwait 2 weeks past my guidleines to get cancer out is a worry to. ive been reassured but the mind ticks in overtime.
ive had to have a bone scan as all joints and bones hurting yet had no treatment yet. im having aggresive chemo in feb 2 weeks after op so not looking forward to that either x thanks for your reply its just so scary and mind blowing what comes with a diagnosis x

That sounds really scary and not what you need. I know you want to have your op ASAP and get on with chemo, but don’t rush into it until your infection has cleared up and the wound heeled.

I had mx and recon in sept 14, the wound struggled to heel and I had daily aspiration for several weeks. I was keen to get on with chemo so the surgeon gave the go ahead even though the wound wasn’t quite heeled.

I got nasty infections in my breast after the first two chemo sessions, the wound opened up again, it was like the flesh had been eaten away and I could see the implant through the hole! Emergency op December 14 to remove implant and a delay of about five weeks to get back on with chemo.

The good news is that once I’d finished chemo I had an expander implant put in and after rads this was replaced by a permanent implant - hold onto that thou, just because you’ve had an infection doesn’t mean you can’t go on to have reconstruction if you want it.

Also a delay in treatment isn’t always detrimental to your recovery. Mine was stage 3, I had an 8cm tumour plus a 2cm one and 26 infected lymph nodes. Despite the complications early on, I finished the treatment and was given the all clear in Nov 16.

Wishing you well and keep positive x