Pain after lymph node removal

hi all

This is very new to me and have never used a forum before but just wondered if anyone has a little bit of advice around about pain after lymph node removal.

I’m almost six weeks post one side mastectomy and have had 16 lymph nodes removed.

I’ve been doing exercises at least twice a day but in considerable pain and taking tramadol.

I also have some odd folding of the skin under my arm, which seems to be contributing to my inabitly to get my hand behind my head ready for radiotherapy.

I suppose I just need to know whether this is normal so long after surgery or whether to go back and speak to surgeon/consultant.

Any advice gratefully recieved.




I just wanted to welcome you to this lovely forum, I am sure someone who has had the same sort of op as you will be along and able to give you some support.


I never used a forum before this one, and I am so glad I found it, it has been an amazing source of help and support from the wonderful ladies on here.


Helena xx

Hi Sammas, had a WLE and full node excision. The underarm is still sore after 4 weeks, and with a fold of skin. My scar is hard and ridged and I am massaging bio oil into it morning and evening. Until yesterday I was unable to touch my arm at all as it was so painful . Keeping it in one position, and even doing exercises was ok, but no way could it be touched / knocked. Last night had first through nights sleep since op! Still having twinges of pain in underarm, and it feels as though I have a burn rather than just sore .

I find that the warm water in the shower is helpful in getting my arm more flexible so I can then do my exercises. Also been doing silly exaggerated movements when drinking tea, using the Dyson,and today **bleep** out the washing. Every bit helps, I hope . At least I could put my arms over my head for my CT scan on Friday! You’d  think we had enough to contend with without this crap! Hope you have a miraculous recovery too. ?  Best wishes. X