pain after radiation

pain after radiation

pain after radiation Has anyone else had any problems with pain on the chest wall after radiation ? I finished rads about three months ago and the last few weeks have been having pain right where the boost area was. I hate always running to the doctor with complaints which they kind of dismiss anyway. Sometimes just knowing others are having similar symptoms really relieves the stress. Thanks

pain after radiation Hi esther,sorry to hear of your chest pain after rads. I can’t recollect getting chest pain after 25 rads and 3 boosters, but everyone is different. Do you have a breast care nurse? I have found mine to be extremely helpful, although I have read on this site, others have had some difficulty with theirs. I got a weird ropey lump from the top of the breast, about 2" long and was worried the bc had come back. I rang my nurse and she got me an urgent appt on a Saturday morning in clinic. It turned out to be Mondor’s disease, and nothing to do with bc, just a rare coincidence, as my surgeon said he had never seen it before in a bc patient but had see it in women without bc. He had all the radiographers/radiologists come in to take a look and a poke, so they would know what it is in future.

I never saw my GP once about bc, as I always felt my nurse knew more than he did about bc, and had the ability to get me seen quickly.

I personally think, with a life threatening disease such as bc, that we should report any problems, no matter how insignificant, to our nurse or doctor, even if just to put our anxious minds at rest.

Hope you get an explanation soon.

Hello Esther,

I am 13 weeks post WLE and finished 15 rads plus 4 boosters last Friday. I had been in a lot of pain after my op and the boosters seemed to switch it all back on again. I have stabbing pains in my back, through my nipple, under my breast, feels like a bundle of barbed wire under my arm, burnt to a frazzle by the rads with weeping sores. I find all this pain very tiring and it is beginning to seriously get me down.

The problem is that family and friends don’t see any of this, I actually look quite well if I put make up on to hide the dark rings under my eyes.I understand how you feel about running to the doctor what with sick notes, prescriptions and two bouts of tonsilitis needing penicillin in eight weeks and every time I ask the Onc is this normal he just says “nerves knitting”.

I don’t think this post will be of much comfort to you but I agree that sharing with people who understand does relieve stress.

With love and hugs,


For Esther and Lollypop! Hi Esther

I finished rads on 3rd Jan, 15 and 4 boosters. I was very badly burnt, skin really broke down etc under the breast.

My boob is still painful to touch underneth at times, hard and lumpy, have orange peel effect and is a little swollen. My ribs sometime are painful, but that might be the underwired bra I try to wear sometimes! I also get backache if I try and sleep on the side I had the ops and the lymph nodes out.

I seem to be very similar to Lollypop!! Think I’m about 14 weeks post rads.

Lollypop can you sleep on your op side??


Message for Gucci Hi Suzanne,

I only just finished rads last Friday, so was quite shocked to read that you are still in considerable pain 13 weeks or so post rads!! As I said, the pain is beginning to get me down, sometimes the stabbing pains stop me in my tracks and make me gasp out loud.

I have always slept on my front, so got very little sleep trying to lie on my back after the op, now I just toss and turn every which way until I can get off but very often pain wakes me up again after a couple of hours. Some nights I might as well stand up in the corner!

I am a complete physical wreck at the moment, even getting up washed and dressed leaves me wanting to sit down and rest. This morning I went to Tesco on my own for the first time and then spent the whole afternoon fast asleep! I am just hoping that this fatigue wears off soon, I was a fit and very active person before all this in a demanding job which I really enjoyed.

Sorry to moan,



For Lollypop Hi Lollypop

I was shattered after rads finished for about 4 weeks, but then all of a sudden I noticed I was walking further without getting tired, not falling asleep as much etc. I’d say now I am nearly back to full fitness plus I went back to work full time on 5th Feb.

I did get some stabbing pains in my breast and still do occasionally.

I’m quite a big busted lady 38G. The pain I have is in the underneth of the breast where I was burnt. The skin has gone very thick and orange peel effect. Also whatever bra I have on I get the imprint of my bra on my boob when I take it off for about 5 mins. It’s also tender to touch, sometimes more than others. The only other problem is I dont seem to be able to sleep on the side I had the WLE and Lymph Nodes taken, if I do sleep on that side I wake up after about 2-3 hours aching! As soon as I get up I’m totally fine!!

I rang the BC nurse as i think I might have Breast Lymphoedema, but she kind of dismissed it…I’m seeing my Onc on 25th April so will bring the matter up with him.

I wouldnt say I’m in bad pain…During the day walking about I’m fine, I dont feel any pain, its just at night if I turn onto the operated side I wake up aching. I’ve been doing a little massage on my breast and it does seem to be improving a little.

You can moan to me anytime…But believe me you will soon start to get over the exhaustion.


Adding on from the last post. I rang the breast care nurse at my hospital. Told her my symptoms and she confirmed I have breast lymphoedema, she’s sending me a breast pad to put in my bra…


Breast pain Hi,
I was reassured to read all of the former posts.
I finished radiotherapy just before Easter and felt okay apart from the burnt skin and accompanying infection.
However over the last couple of days I have started to get stabbing pains in the breast and also pain in the calf. I thought that the calf pain could be due to very bad cramp which made me jumo out of bed the other night but now wonder if it is related to Tamoxifen and a symptom of posssible DVT!! Sorry I am sure it’s not but the mind does tend to play tricks.
Now I know that other ladies suffer from the stabbing pains in the breast I shan’t go to the GP tomorrow.
Hope everyone is getting on okay.
P.S Is anyone going on the Derbyshire Peak Ribbon Walk in June? It would be great to make contact.