Pain and bleeding around nipple

Hi I’m new on here, and have just spoken to a really nice lady on the help line. But just wanted to see if anyone else has had the same problem. Last night before I went to bed I noticed that I had what looked like 3 small puncture marks right below my right nipple, and they were bleedin. Now this morning the holes have gone, you can still see where they bled and my nipple is a bit cracked and sore, which is unusual as I had a reduction 5 years ago and can’t normally feel anything much anyway.

I’m 40 and have never breast fed.

Thankfully I have an appointment with the nurse at the docs this afternoon, but any advice would be great.

Thanks for listening.


Its good to hear that you have contact the right people to get advice.

I am sure being told not to worry is not the easiest advice to take but many of us on this site will say the same because we have found support through this time is readily available.

Being ‘breast aware’ is a good tool in your armour at the moment. Honestly, most lumps and bumps turn out to be innocent, if they do need treating early intervention is another good tool so well done you.

Take one step at the time, when you have seen the doctor come back to us and lets see how we can support you further.

Take care