pain and central lines

wondering if anyone has come across something similar to this scenario…
had central (Groshong) line inserted on Thurs and today am aching right across my whole chest area, front and back, and when I do anything (walk, fold laundry, type etc) I am tight chested. I am usually active and walk for at least half an hour everyday because I enjoy the exercise. I felt so uncomfortable while getting bathed and dressed this am that I almost went to a walk in clinic, but then decided to see how the day went, because I’d rather speak to the staff at hospital tomorrow. I am really achey and tired and just a big bag of anxiety today. I think this is just muscular from the line procedure, but you know how this bl**dy illness makes you wonder about every symptom? Its driving me mad!
Coincidentally, I have had pain across my right shoulder area for just about 2 weeks now, not constant, most likely to wake me up in the night but often niggling during the day. Had decided to mention it when I go for chemo on weds. I’m going to sound like an idiot with all of these symptoms, but I can’t not mention them, can I?
I didn’t have a bone scan when I had my staging but did have CT scan of abdomen/lungs.
I’m driving myself mad here, any advice/experiences gratefully accepted
thanks a lot, Monica

Hi Monica, i have a different line to you, a picc, but just until someone with your line can answer i thought i would say that i had pain after my picc was fitted. I couldnt raise my arm higher than shoulder level. I think it was nerve pain as i remember thm hitting the nerve going in. It eased with pain killers and went after about 3 weeks. I know what you mean too about worrying about every pain, so if i was you id contact the hospital and tell them, even if its nothing at least you wont be worrying.
hope this helps

HI Monica, hope you’re doing well.

I have a hickman line in (same as Groshong just different manufacturer). I felt like I had been kicked in the neck for 2 weeks after it was inserted, but didn’t have pain other than that. Felt very anxious about it for ages though. Still bothers me now, but not really painful although I can feel it constantly in my neck - like someone pressing on my adam’s apple - just feels wrong, not painful. I think a lot of it is anxiety or indigestion - I thought I had chest pains until the onc said it was reflux and gave me tablets for it - they work! The anxiety really doesn’t help though, and it feels the same - can give real chest pains. Make sure you talk to the onc or nurses when you go back in, they can at least put your mind at rest. I was more bothered about the line than I was the chemo but it does make life a lot easier and I really don’t want mine removed unless essential.

Just had six days in hospital following infection in the line though, and now have only 50% chance of it not coming back. Take good care of the line, I thought I was good but still got an infection and make sure you go straight to A&E if you get a temperature, mine went to over 40 in 3 hours. OK now after loads of antibiotics.

Now getting behind on my chemo - very frustrating.

All the best, hope it sorts itself out.


Monica - sorry to hear that you are in pain…:frowning: I hope they are able to put your mind at rest tomorrow… {{{hugs}}}

Theresa x

Thanks everyone for your kind responses. I can’t believe how sore it is and how much of my chest is involved. Also a bit breathless. Living on painkillers, day and night, which is not like me, usually sail through surgery, procedures etc. Going for chemo on weds and will talk to nurses then.
Helen, I hope things are going a bit better for you. It doesn’t feel uncomfortable but just a bit of a choking, breathless sensation - don’t know if that makes sense! Its crap that you had an infection, and I will be very careful, its just the last thing you want, isn’t it? I too am now a full cycle behind, but after weds I’ll be half way through all the crap and that is pleasing!
well, we have company tonight so I’d better go and pull myself together!
take care, and thanks everyone
Monica xx

Hi, I had a Groshong line put in on Friday and within hours had a bleed and extremely painful shoulder, chest and neck - felt like I had been in a car accident and had whiplash!! I called the unit where it was inserted, but was given the impression they did not know what I was talking about! before I panicked I decided to look at the Forum and as I can clearly now see I’m not the only one. Tomorrow I start round 1 of chemo so I will ask the nurses about it and hopefully I’ll get some help there.
Thank you for posting your experience.

Hello Tinto, just want you to know that the Groshong site is now fine,and that having chemo was a breeze in comparison to the porevious time with 4 attempts on failing veins!
hope yours settles soon and feels much more comfortable. I find the chemo nurses invaluable
good luck
monica x

monica - good to hear you are no longer in pain from it…

theresa x

Hello Monica,
Mine is fine now, and I had my chemo, but only one line works! so hopefully it will last for the next 5 rounds.

Day 6 of first round of chemo and because of the above which started on day 2/3 I’m down to drinking warm water with a bit of lemon and dry crackers, or well done toast.
Has anybody found a way to stop or reduce this terrible taste?

I go for sugar-free sweets.