pain and discomfort

Hi everyone
I had chemo, masc and radiotherapy which all finished end of august. I having tightness and discomfort under my arm and on the operated site as if my ribs are sore. The scar feels very tight against the chest wall. Shoulder and top of back also achy

Could i ask other ladies if they have experienced anything like this.

Hi Mrs Mac,

Yes, what you’re feeling is normal. As the scars heal they seem to tighten but gradually, over time, you get more flexibility. Unfortunately, with surgery to remove lymph nodes, nerve endings are severed and it is difficult to get back normal feeling underarm. Parts of my underarm are (three years post-surgery) still completely numb.

It is a good idea to do the exercises recommended by the physios.


Hi mrsmc
i finished my chemo end 2nd sept, had mastectomy in april but no rads.
I have alot of pain in my ribs but in opposite side to mx. I’m awaiting bone scan results on tuesday, but was told bone sscan was jut to be on safe side and this can be normal.
I also have pain were mx scar is as it swells up quite abit and feels very tight.
My bcn told me this can be normal.
I hope this helps
But if your worried about anything get it checked out, it’s better to air on the safe side
Chris x

Hi ladies

Just bumpingthis up to get more experiences

I experienced very similar pattern of pain and was constantly asking what was wrong (looking for reassurance). I was told that it was normal. The ribs and sternum are still tender to touch and this always worries me but I think it is a result of the radiotherapy.
I found massaging the area with moisturiser helped with the scar.