pain and lumpy breast

hi there, hope everyone is doing okay, this is my first time here and i am having a hard time at the mo.

im 30 with a 4 yr old and 11mnth old and have had pain in my right breast for about 3 weeks.went to doctors she examined me and said was quite lumpy and gave me some antibiotics for seven days to rule out infection and said come back in a couple of weeks if not better. finished course yesterday and pain got worse and is now in my armpit too. i cant wait another week as feel sick with worry so have just made an appt for 11.20 this morning. the pain is really bad. feel like im worrying for nothing. keep looking at my beautiful children think wont get to see them grow up. i know is silly. dr mentioned last time that might have to have asperation? does it hurt. has anyone had pain and been diagnosed with bc. was told that is not normal to have pain with bc? roll on 11.20am …

Hi Kelbug

Hope your appointment goes OK. I had pain in my boobs, when was feeding my little 10 month old (well he was 8 months when dx), if his head went at a certain angle against my boob it hurt. But not all pain is bc remember that. I hope that it is not bc and that is just a cyst or something.

Just to give you little info on me. I am 39 with a 3 yr old daughter and 10 month old son and was dx in July. It is a rollercoaster of emotions believe me, and I still have good days and bad days and some days just wanna curl up and cry all the time. I had a really hard time for the 3 weeks until I started chemo, as was so scared of what was happening with my body and my life actually and like you so worried, as wanna see my babies grow up and go through school etc. Unfortunately I was told 10 days after being dx with bc, that it had spread to my liver, so no mascectomy for me, although was prepared for a double mascectomy, anything to cut the b******s out. I am now half way through my chemo and have been fine on it with no sickness at all, just the hair loss which is hard to deal with.

Whatever you feel like, come on here whether to scream, cry, shout, rave or even laugh. Cos we are all going through same or similar things and help to support each other. And if you get really good news today we will all cheer and be happy for you.

Let us know how you get on at the doctors and keeping everything crossed.

Take care

hi dawn,

thanks for your support and kind words, i hope you are coping with own life and are gettinf lots of support,
you sound very brave and i wish you the very best.

just got, back from the drs. she has given me some ibruprofen to see if it helps with the pain. she said she cant
feel a specific lump that is suspiscious have a few lumpy bits. the pain is very specific in one area. im due on my period in the next day
or so and she said if the pain has not gone away in a week to come back again then she will send me to breast clinic.

last time i saw her she said my breast was lumpy but today she said there was not a specific lump. is probabley nothing to worry about.
has anyone had lumpy breast and it was not bc or was?

another week to wait. is not linked to my period as the pain started when my period had finished last time and is not achy feeling.

anyway going to make lunch for the kiddies. sorry to waffle…


I too have got really bad pain in my left breast and am very lumpy. My GP saw me last week and referred me for an urgent appointment at the hospital which is this Wednesday. This is on account of my mum having had a masectomy and I’ve previously had a benign lump removed from the area (although that was linked to a mole). I’m fairly upbeat though and optimistic, but my real problem is the pain as it is unbearable at the moment and is also in the armpit (although no lump). I’ve had sore breast for a few months now, but to begin with it wasn’t more that just pre-menstrual like pains, but now it hurts all the time.

Has anyone got any tips for getting comfortable - what sort of clothes to wear? It seems a silly thing to be thinking of but I don’t want to stress about things until I see the doctor - I’m focusing on the immediate, which is pain and discomfort. I am 30 by the way, but with no children.


Hi Kelly
it is so normal to be worried. Yes, I have lumpy breasts but no BC! I have had several lumps, non-cancerous tumours and cysts since I was 19. I am now 34. EVERY doctor I have seen has said I have lumpy breasts! This is different from having a specific lump. Even when I don’t have one actual lump my breasts still feel lumpy. Recently I had pain in one breast that also went up into my armpit and also a lump and other symptoms. I was on antibiotics but they didn’t help. I ended up going to the breast clinic for scan and biopsy and all was clear. I still get pain in the same side, now and then. Not sure why but I DO know the lump is fine and not cancer. I am debating as to whether I need to ask my doc about the continued stabbing pain again or not!

I hope that your pain goes away. If not make sure you get back to the docs and push to be seen at the clinic. It’s the only way to really know for sure and to be able to put your mind at rest.

Take care and try not to worry. Enjoy some fun time with your kiddies! THey are a great distraction!


Hi Kelbug

sorry to hear that you are worrying, that is one of the worst things in the world the not knowing, your mind runs away with you or I know that mine did…when I had a lump come up last year, year it hurt like hell and I am grateful it did, as it alerted me to the fact that something was wrong, they say that most lumps that are BC don’t hurt and they presumed mine was a cyst for ages before I actually was diagnosed with BC approx 3 months in total, I had the aspiration and yes they freeze the area but it hurts afterwards, but is do-able it puts your mind at rest as you know which journey you are taking, mine was the BC one, they confirmed that I do have several cysts in the other breast and that breast is painful too with stabbing pains…

I hope everything is good for you and hopefully you wont have to join us on this journey


morning nanny,

thank you for your reply very kind of you to share your experience with me. is nice
to know that there are others with similar symptoms and not all are bc. my GP was
lovely but will feel much better if refered to breast clinic. have a family history of bc and ovarian cancer,
so always in back of my mind, take care


hi pamela,

thanks for your reply, you are so brave with what your facing and you sound like
a very strong person. i will think of you and all the other people in this difficult time,
i am the sort of person who feels more in control when i have all the facts, so knowing
what might happen in the next few weeks has prepared me. so thanks. hopefully it
will be not be bc and something simple, but just have to wait and see. am clock watching to
see when can have more pain killers at the mo, and making a picture with my 4 yr old son, …
there is now glitter on the keyboard, better go and try and get it out! take care
thinking of you.


Hi Kelbug

You are very welcome, oh my love you dont know the half of it, hell and back springs to mind, at 41 I didnt think i would be facing this last year,I cant say it was the last thing on my mind, it never even entered my mind… the chemo for me was the worst, just for the sick side, the hair loss didnt bother me, its growing back now - yes having the facts and what you are about to face is best, i like to be in control rather brushing things under the carpet…

I hope too that it isnt breast cancer and will be keeping my fingers firmly crossed for you, even in the very unfortunate event that it is, try to stay positive, seeing the glass half full helped me to get through, like they say it isnt over, til its over and I tried to keep hope and faith…there was a post recently called general info and it was very good… glitter on the keyboard sounds great to me it would jazz it up a bit…

takecare my love, if you want to ask anything please do, let me know how you get on.

Lot’s of Love and Hugs
Pamela XXX

hi pamela,

thanks for replying im glad you feel the same way as me, brushing thinngs under the carpet is not my thing.
cant talk to my husband about it as he cant deal with it. i feel a bit like a fraud as havent been diagnosed with anything yet, but
i know my own body and this pain is getting worse, today has been unbearable i could rip my own boob off! and i still have to wait to have my period whcih will hopefully be anyday now, then i can go back and my GP will refer me…waiting upon waiting, got the glitter out by the, my son drew on the table in black pen and told me the pen jumped up and did it by itself, kids you gotta love em.

i feel this pain is unbearable should i wait or go back? on a scale of 1 to 10 im at 9 at the moment

take care kelly

Hi Kelly

I am sorry to read that you are still in pain and are so worried and unsure what to do. If you wish to talk to someone in confidence for further advice please call our helpline on 0808 800 6000, the line is open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and Sat 9am-2pm.

Best wishes

Breast Cancer Care

hi mel (koala77)

thanks for replying, just wanted to say hope your appt went okay, let me know how you got on,
fingers cross for you…

kelly x

will give the helpline a call in the morning, thanks ,lucy the moderator’

hi there,

it is 4.57am and i cant sleep, mainly through pain but also through worry.
keep thinking im going insane, have been feeling right breast and can feel
a small lump which i did not feel before, quite deep though, and my armpit
is v. uncomfortable when i press there, some body asked me yesterday if i was
alright as was unusually quite (not like me) and i burst into tears in the middle
of the park! dont know if coming on here is helping, keep telling myself nothing is
wrong, but i know this is not ‘right’. was diagnosed 6 years ago at 24 with multiple sclerosis
which is relapsing remitting, took me a while to get over diagnosis, but thought that would be
it,. cant get anything else would be greedy (as my husband joked). have moved to devon
from leicestershire, so no family here. keep thinking who will help if i get sick?
anyway enough ranting. my GP only works on mondays and thursdays so might try and call
tomorrow. to see what she says. and where oh where is my period!!! (no im not pregnant, i hear you
think) ironic that stress is causing my period delay, when i need to have a period before i can be referred…
…night all or good morning actually


Hi Kelly,
If it was me I think I’de go back and see if the GP can give you something to help you sleep over the w/end ( nothing too strong though) - after all you’ve got to cope with a young family. You may feel a bit less stressed when your period starts but this pain definatly needs sorting.

hi there,

so sorry you aren’t sleeping well. I had many sleepless nights whilst waiting too. If I was you I would go back to the doctors. You said in another post that you don’t think it is linked to your period and so if YOU don’t feel it is wise to wait for this next one to come and go i would definitely get back to the docs. It’s not fair for you to have to go on like this. Hope you can get hold of someone today. Don’t feel bad for pushing for appointments… you know what is normal for you and what is not.

Thinking of you and hoping your day goes better today. Hang in there,

Hi Kelly,

Sorry you are feeling so low.
Keep pushing your doctor, it is your body and if you feel there is something wrong don’t let them fob you off.

Thinking of you and keep posting to let us know how you are.

hi, just got off the phone to my doctor,

she has advised me to try co-codamol with the ibruprofen and if no better in 24 hrs to go back.(she wont be there anyway)
i told her how bad it was as my husband wanted to take me to A&E yesterday. she said it is unusual in someone so young
to have such pain. going to buy some flippin co-codamol now…thankyou to everyone who replied.

and fushia sorry about your recent diagnosis, how nice of you reply when you in your own personal hell!

thanks talk to you soon. will keep you posted

It might just be good to see a different doctor. Some years ago I had a problem with my knee and my GP said it was all in the mind. A few weeks later saw another GP and I was in the Orthopaedic Hospital being operated on within 10 days for a tumour on the cartilage (fortunately benign). Sometimes fresh eyes are good. I would insist on a referral NOW anyway.

hi there and thanks to crehensal for you reply,

took your advice and went back this morning, saw another DR. he has referred me to breast
clinic, but not because he thinks is is breast cancer, he said i dont fit the critiria for breast
cancer and my pain is too much for breast cancer, so has given me another lot of antibiotics
stronger ones and anti inflammitorys (cant spell sorry) and said come back on monday if the pain
has not eased and they will try and push the referral quicker. hopefully they will work and i wont
need to go to the clinic and this painful nightmare will be over.

still in the back of my mind i think is more to it and am expecting the worse. am annoyed dr said
my pain is TOO painful for bc. i know people who have had breast cancer and been in terrible pain.
anyway if it does not get better by sunday will go back and get them to push it quicker. full of pills
i rattle when i walk. people keep asking me if im okay have been wearing the same clothes for 3 days
now. just cant be bothered at the mo.

take care all. bye for now.