Pain in arm following breast reconstruction

Pain in arm following breast reconstruction

Pain in arm following breast reconstruction I had surgery in January but for the past few weeks I have been experiencing alot of pain in my arm and cannot move it as well as before. I have trouble getting clothes on and off as holding my arm up is very difficult. Certain movements cause problems. Has anybody had this and if so is it going to last or will it go eventually?


Hi Cleo,

I did have some later but I would advise you to chat to your breast cancer care nurse as each case needs to be looked at individually. She will be able to assess what help will be best for you it could be just a course of physio.

Good luck
Treakle x

Hi Treakle

I did see breast nurse 2 weeks ago and she thought it might be muscular and to take pain killers. She went on holiday then for 2 weeks and said it it hadn’t improved to phone and leave message. I have done this as pain has changed but not getting better. It is affecting my driving now as changing gear and reversing are becoming a problem. I feel I am going nowhere with this and it is affecting me too much and getting out of control. I was improving so well and now my emotions are all over the place again.

Sorry to moan but it is geting me down.


Hi Cleo

I am a physio and you definitely sound like you need a referral to physio asap…the shoulder joint relies heavily on muscular support therefore any surgery that effects its movement can cause a muscular imabalance and subsequent problems…your bcn should be able to fast track you or ring physios who treated you post op on wards and explain prob.

Good luck
anna x