Pain in Back

Pain in Back

Pain in Back Hi all

Had mastectomy in May 2006 followed by 8 chemo and
finished my radiotherapy on 26th February. All seemed well until last week when I developed a sore back. It feels like I’ve been punched in the back and its just in the area where the radiotherapy seemed to reach the skin on my back. Has anyone else experienced this. Feels more like a muscular pain than anything else, but as always any slight change in the body is a worry.

Everything was fine on my 6 week check so now have to wait until June for next appointment with Onc unless I see my GP.


If its bothering you enough to post then l would say go ask your gp.they wont mind and it will give you peace of back ache was disc problem but got bone scan etc which was scary but also reassuring as imagination is a powerful tool!love sharonx

Anniemay RT does good and damage too. Get back to onc and BCNurse to get it checked. Probably OK but you can’t be too careful, best wishes, dilly

Hi Anniemay

I finished radiotherapy beg of April and had a terrible pain in the zapped area. I went to the hospital and had all kinds of tests. The onc concluded that it was inflammation of the muscle and cartilege and I was advised it was a fairly rare side effect of 25 radio sessions. It will eventually go but in the meantime I take voltarol tablets and painkillers. I have had 2 bouts of this pain lasting about 2 days at a time.


Thanks for the replies. I feel much better know I now others have experienced this type of pain. I’ve made an appointment to see my GP and have put in a call to my BCN. My next appointment with the Onc is on 20th June so I’ll discuss it with him then, along with all my other aches and pains!!


I’m Worried! Hi Anniemay,

I read this thread a week ago and it made me phone my GP for an appt. re my back pain. I have pain right across my back at shoulder blade level. This pain has been with me for more than three weeks now, constant, everyday pain which gets worse in bed and I have been swallowing paracetomol hoping it would go away. The first appt I could get was for next Friday (11th) ! I weasled my way into seeing the doc last Thusday with my husband who already had an appt. booked for then.
I have had x rays taken of my chest front and back and of my spine side on. I phoned my consultant as I am due a three monthly visit to his clinic and I was lucky enough to get an appt. for Monday 7th.
So now I am worried… What if…
This is going to be a long weekend.

love Ali

Hi Ali and Annie May

Am in a similar position to you both, but my pain is in ribs on affected side (had a mastectomy April 06, followed by 6 x FEC and 25 rads). Had a bone scan a couple of weeks ago and go for results on Thursday 10th - am sooo frightened, cannot let myself believe that it will be good news, (it seems like tempting fate), have had to prepare myself for bad news! Although in my saner moments I know that it could be rad damage, cos you hear such a lot of cases where people experience pain where they have had rads. So fingers crossed (and everything else!) for us all that it will be OK - let us know how you go on.

Lots of love and hugs, Jean xx

Bone scan Hi Everyone

I’ve just returned from the BC clinic where I discussed my back pain. The doc. had to chase up the x rays and even took the trouble to walk personally to the x ray dept. to get them as they were not in the computer. They showed nothing The doc wants to be sure that nothing is missed so I’m being referred for a bone scan. They took bloods today…that was nasty as my arm is like a pin cushion.

So the waiting goes on. He gave me a prescription for stronger pain relief but my gp surgery is closed today so I’ll not get them untill tomorrow evening at the earliest.

I’m like you, thinking of the worst scenario but hoping my fears are not realised. Please God let this pain be muscular.

How are each of you coping with your back pain ?

Love Ali

I get back ache when I wake up if I lie on the same side as the WLE and the rads. As soon as I get up I’m fine! I’ve only had this since I finished rads!.