Pain in breast 8months after surgery

Pain in breast months after surgery is that normal?

Oh dear I didn’t say much did I! This is after lumpectomy
Anyone else got pains months and months later? (It is near the scar area)

Hi I had a lumpectomy last May and I still get pain, however I do exercise a lot and think this may be why or it could be due to radiotherapy after effects. If you are concerned maybe give your GP or breast care nurse a call. My pains aren’t there all the time which makes me think mine are exercise related! 

Thank you for your reply.I guess I worry that it is something new or cancer back again. I have been lucky as far as no lymph nodes affected and I feel grateful as it could have been worse. Trouble is that everyone thinks ‘oh good you are ok now’ and I am but mentally not always. Good and awful days but I guess this is normal. It can be very solitary though. Thanks so much for responding, made me feel better.

Thank you for your reply.that has cheered me that up. Yes I try not to put too much pressure on myself. I have a very demanding job but glad to be back at work as that helps. It is life changing having had cancer and certainly puts things into perspective!

Really feel for both of you and i feel exactly the same re work. Now I put myself first and go easy on myself. I was diagonsed Jan last year had wle. My oncs told me its quite normal to get pain in your breast up to 2 years after surgery and nothing to worry about. My breast nurse also said pain is not a sign of recurrance either so dont worry if you get the odd twinge. Xxxx

That’s fantastic news! Hurrah for you!? Well done!
Thanks for the tip regarding my forth coming mammogram - will do just that.
Take care x

Hi ladies, I found paracetamol helpd when I had my mammogram, always worse thinking about it. Similar to some, I still get pain in boob, stabbing, especially around yhe scar area and have to be careful laying in bed. Still slightly swollen and got my tan from the rads. I am 14 months after surgery and finished rads in may but it seems to go on for some time. I had a clear mammogram in December .  I massage the scar area as told it should help. Hope everyone is ok and it’s great we have this forum for support, I think our minds certainly go into overdrive,  but that’s normal. Sending hugs xxxxxxx

Hi Pandorra
Really pleased your mammogram came out with a good result in December and thanks for the tips. I’ve been so reassured since reading these threads - suddenly I’m not the only anxious person out there - there’s a whole gang of us with symptoms! Hurrah for us! ? Thanks again and hugs back xxx

What a good idea to take pain relief before mamogram just in case. Thanks girls xxxxx

I was told that the pain in my breast 3 years on will stay the same it won’t get any better or any worse


I had my WLE in February after chemo and the 20 rounds of rads.  9 out of 19 of my nodes were affected.  I still have some breast pain, numbness and moderate lympoedema.  The worst problem is the size of the affected boob.   I do wish it would shrink, I am very lopsided ? Anyone else have this problem.


I have returned to work on a phased in basis which helps.  Just waiting for a bone scan.  My vitamin D levels are just back to normal which again is good as there is apparently a link between low levels of vitamin D and Cancer. When I was diagnosed in September 15 I my vit D levels were very low.  I was surprised as am a sun worshipper.


They have told me it will settle down but sometimes you get the feeling they are just saying this.  I do see a lympoedema specialist for massage which helps for a short while.  They don’t realise that these things are a permanent reminder.


Thanks for listening.