Pain in fingers, hands, wrist

Pain in fingers, hands, wrist

Pain in fingers, hands, wrist Finished radiotherapy in december now have pain in both arms, especially in hands and cannot feel fingers in one hand.
The pain is worse at night and to be honest is worrying me as my GP has said that it is not connected to my Chemo or Radiotherapy.
Has anyone else had this?
My doctor has said that it could be Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and is sending me for tests but is seems odd that it started just as my Radio stopped.
Can anyone help me?

lilibet if you didn’t have RT both sides it’s unlikely to be the result of rads. Does your way of life involve using both hands [and fingers] equally? If not suggest to your doc that it might be something systemic and see what he comes up with. Sympathy for miz and best wishes, dilly

carpel tunnel I think I have this too. Doctor hasn’t actually sent me for tests, so its likely - but not definite.

I finished rads in August 06 and started experiencing numbness in my left hand at night around about November. I thought it was my circulation screwed up by chemo - but when I asked here, someone else mentioned Carpel Tunnel, and the Doctor seemed to agree. Does the numbness mostly affect the thumb and first 2 fingers? This seems to be a key sign.

Doc seems to think it may be unconnected with treatment, but if its connected to anything, its connected to Tamoxifen, and/or being forced into early menoapuse. Apparently carpel tunnel is sometimes triggered by menopause.

I only have mild problems, and only at night. Some nights I wear a wrist brace, and this helps. If it gets really bad they can treat it - so hope you get either the reassurance, or treatment, you need.

pain in hands Hi there

I have this pain I finished treatment in july 2005 and still have numbness and pain in hand every night I had pain like my thumb was clicking out of place.I have had the onocologist look at it and they think it has more to do with vein damage through the chemo my veins are still prity damage and can see this when i turn my arm certain ways.

They have referred me to someone else but They said it could take a while I have a hand /wrist brace too.I was also really worried as it came once all the treatment had finished but Ithink it has got worse now that I do more work with my hands and normal house hold dutys now I don’t recieve any treatment.

Just ask them to investigate it abit more sorry I can’t help as I said it’s been a while since it started and Istill wake up every night with painful swollen hand /wrist crap I know keep hoping it will sort it’s self out


To Lilibet I was wondering if you were taking Tamoxifen? I have had a lot of joint pains since starting it in 2003 and my searches found a lot of info, mostly on American sites, about the connection between joint pain and Tamoxifen. You might want to look into the possibility.

not carpal tunnel! I started with pains in the palm of my hands and all my fingers towards the end of radiotherapy, after chemo, in October 2003. My doctor sent me for tests, sayings it was carpal tunnel syndrom, but the consultant said it definitely wasn’t , because all the fingers and both thumbs were affected. After examining me he said that I had a stiff neck (which I wasn’t particularly aware of) and sent me for nerve tests. By the time I had the nerve tests the problem had gone, as I realised that for months after surgery, during chemo and then radiotherapy, I had been holding my arm over my breast area to protect it, and I had been so enfeebled by chemo that my posture probably wasn’t great - so I did some regular stretching exercise and started yoga - problem disappeared! It comes back now and again if I am stressed, so I try to relax the neck and back area by stretching.
Before then I had to wear a special carpal tunnel sleeve, which helped, but not as much as doing the exercises!
Hope this is useful to know!!

Carpel Tunnel?? I finished rads in October and mentioned to the doctor about pain in my arm. If I turn it, it looks like I have a twisted muscle. It had been like this since the end of chemo. The doc said it wasn’t connected and I should see my G.P as he thought it was Carpel Tunnel.

I don’t know about you but I felt pretty well before all the treatment. I also suffer now from aching knees, I’m 41 and feel 81.


Pain in fingers, hands etc As mentioned in an email on the page already tamoxifen can cause joint pains. I think this is due to water retention. Also if like me you suddenly came off HRT that can cause lots of symptoms like aches and pains. Being 57 ish when diagnosed I already had a bit of arthritis due to wear and tear and various aches and pains which i could cope with but after going on Tamoxifen and coming off HRT everything got worse i.e wrist pains, pain up arm, numb parts of hands etc. I put on weight as well which I could not lose(it wasn’t all to do with the chocolate theraphy i indulged in during BC treatment). I had all the usual test for carpal tunnel synd., hand x rays etc and all were negative. I also had pains in the tops of my feet and a lot of cramp in some toes at night - something I never got before breast cancer treatment - the rheumatologist I saw said he ‘didn’t do feet!’. I felt a real fraud. Eventually I got a summons to see him in 2006 and was put on a drug for my arthritis - the drug didn’t help the arthritis but all the other pains have got appreciably better. I think it is partly due to the fact that after starting this new drug I peed for England - lost nearly a stone in weight really quickly. I have put the weight back on this winter but not as much as before and feel a lot better. If you have negative results for carpal tunnel syndrome badger your GP about water retention. I did try an over the counter remedy myself for water retention but it didn’t work - think it was aquaban.

Pains in fingers,hands, wrist Just bringing this thread back to the top following a post by Sheilarh

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pain in hands /wrist Hi

I was just reading all the post on this again.

I think everyone is so different I am not on tamoxifin and more than sure that i have no water retention if anything i have lost more weight than when all this started.

I think the chemo is to blame making all the hand and wrist weak.

Though I am no expert once I was getting epirupicin into hand and it blew up thinking that it had leaked into my hand .
First they injected steriods into it then ointment they said it could burn inwards out .

Though with all said it was ok ,but was it sore yesssssss .

Anyway good that everyone has their points on this as when i mentioned it to the doctors i felt if i was imagining it or trying to crave attention,