pain in right breast

hi i had breast cancer 2001 and had my left breast removed with reconstruction in both breast, however over the past few months my right breast has become extremly sore and painful to touch im worried sick and keep trying to ignore this but i need to try and get this sorted has anyone else had this could it be the implant? thanks

i havent but think you should go to see your GP. im bumping this up in the hope that somebody else may be able to help.

please dont ignore it, if theres pain, there something not right. Get it checked out, better to be safe than sorry.
Sharon x


Didn’t I read somewhere about encapsulation (think that’s the term) where the body surrounds an implant and it can cause pain? It might be that, it might not be, but you should certainly get it checked out, just in case.

I had a recon in 2006 and last year became painful, my consultant said my implant had capsulated, he said if it bothers me alot it can be changed for a new implant, but as CM advises best to get it checked.

Sue x

thankyou girls iam going to nightingale to get them to have a look might be nothing just panicked thought i couldnt do it all again??? but reading experiences on this forum has made me strong again and just knowing we are not alone thankyou for your notes xx