pain in shin bones

Have been on Tam for 14 months since finishing chemo and rads for WLE & SNB. Weight going up , also having awful gnawing ache in shin bones (both Legs) . Anyone else had this??? When I am in bed it is worse , although it aches through the day as well. Onc said …not caused by Tamoxefin. Could it be my weight?? OR circulation??
If anyone has suffered with this and found a cause and OR remedy Please let me know.

I have been on Arimidex for 3 weeks and am having radiotherapy at the moment after chemo and mastectomy. I started with pains in my shins before I was diagnosed with BC and they have got steadily worse and are now in my upper legs. I went to my GP who said there was nothing wrong with my legs. I told my oncologist who shrugged his shoulders and said nothing to do with chemo. Mine is worse at night too, I take ibuprofen but it only helps a little. I am going to go back to my GP to see if I can be referred to a neurologist. I just hope the Arimidex doesn’t make things even worse!
Let me know if you get any help with this problem.
worried of HW

Hi. I have been on Arimidex for 10 months. Almost immediately I started having pain in my shins, especially in bed and then pain in my feet and burning/heavieness in my legs, especially the right one. I also have a constant ache/cramp/pain in my right hip. MRI/X-ray was clear. Referred for Physio who said I had nerve damage in my hip probably caused by the chemo and the leg and feet symptoms were the side effects of the Arimidex. I have been back at work part-time since February but I am now finding it impossible to continue as I sit at a desk all day typing and its becoming unbearable. I wear a TENS machine all day and night. My GP says its a positional problem at work! I have an appointment at the Doctors tomorrow - but with another GP!!


I started suufering with pain in my shins within days of starting on Femara, to the point that walking was very difficult and we thought I might have to investigate getting a blue badge. I was also suffering at night with cramp in my legs

5 months on I have more or less recovered. I take glucosomine daily together with cod liver oil. I also make sure that sometime during the day I either have a glass of bitter lemon or tonic water because of the quinine. Finally I have stopped wearing completely flat footwear. I make sure that my shoes, boots and even indoor slippers have a small heel(1 - 2) inches high.

These moves have all been acknowledged by my oncologist who has agreed that if they help they won’t cause me a problem cancer wise.

Hope this is helpful


shin pains have just started also hip stiffness on arimadex for the last 3 weeks no chemo and starting rads in jan.!!! oh joy