Pain in shoulder blades after surgery

I had a lumpectomy and lymph nodes removed 4 weeks ago. Results show 14/15 nodes with cancer. Just had a full body scan. Now need chemo ASAP then a mastectomy. Grade 3 cancer. I have had lots of pains in different areas of my body since diagnosis but my current nagging worry it pain, tightness and soreness in my back near my shoulder blades. Is this just part of recovery from the op or something more sinister? So worried it has spread already. I didn’t have any of these pains before the op

I had pain in my shoulder blade for over a year after mastectomy and node removal - oncologist told me it was because of the position they put your arm in when they operate.  If you have had a full body scan and it hasn’t picked anything up you should be ok, but mention it at your next appt with nurse or oncologist becuse if it is very painful they can give you something for it.


Good luck with your chemo, its not easy but it is doable.  There are plenty of people to help you through.  If you are on facebook i’m on a Breast cancer page which is private to members and the ladies are very supportive and informative.


All the best

Dee  x


Sorry you are having these pains, could it just be that you are tense and are trying not to use the operated areas too much therefore transferring the pain elsewhere? Probably didn’t describe this well, but I am sure you know what I am trying to say. I had WLE and ANC and then over a year later had to have a mastectomy and that was after chemo and rads too.I had 9 out of 19 nodes affected. I think your body is trying to protect certain parts and these are why you have the pain. You are bound to be worried and that doesn’t help either. I hope you get your body scan results soon to put your mind at rest. In the meantime it might be worth massaging the sore areas with bio oil, or maybe applying a hot water bottle - both of these can really help with the pain. Does it go away if you take painkillers? Quite happy for you to PM me if you need to ask any more detailed questions.

Take care and hope you get answers soon.

K M x

Hi Jules


I had pain between my shoulder blades and more so along my collar bone on the good side after WLE and SNB.


When I had some massage it relieved it a bit. I eventually saw an osteopath and after 4 sessions it has completely gone. I put it down to my back getting messed up because of having to use my left side after the op and being right-handed so it didn’t come naturally.It might be something to consider once all your scans etc come back clear?