Pain in Spine

Hi all

Originally DX in Mar 09 Lumpectomy/Rads and on Tamixifen. Had dull ache in middle of spine since May 2011 but not constant and just uncomfortable no sharp pain. just been onc today, and i now have appointment for tomorrow a.m for CT and then Bone Scan. So worried, more because fatique has kicked back in and looking back been getting worse since November.

Will i get results tomorrow? As only in spine and twinges in lower bag when sit certain way…is this type area that Mets would strike. i always thought hip or leg bones?

i am trying play it down to family but i seriously worried now…i dont want to get back on the BC road again. trying not to think if worse outcome!!

i had good prognoises but i dont know if that counts for much with this bloody disease!!!

positive thoughts…i am so trying to keep calm and let the positive thoughts win!!!

any advice :confused:

Red1 xx

Hi Red1,

Sorry to hear about your worrying pain. Bone mets can be a cause of back pain (mine started in the spine), but there are many causes of back pain so it could also be something non-cancer related. There are also many causes of fatigue - being worried is quite tiring in itself I find.
It’s good that you are getting checked out soon, so you don’t have to deal with uncertainty for too long. In my experience you don’t normally get results on the day for those types of scans, but at my hospital it only takes a day or two. I usually get the results at clinic the following week, but you may get yours more quickly.

Really hope it’s nothing to worry about. All the best for tomorrow.


Hi Red1

Sorry to read that you have this worrying you. Try to remember back to the good old days before we had cancer and had aches and pains that were just because we had pulled a muscle or something like that. It could be nothing! Yes, it could be something. Try not to look to far into the future and just live in the “now”. Get the scans done and wait for the results (yes, horrible waiting time!!) and then you will know what is what.

I am sending positive vibes your way and please come back and let us know how you get on because we will be thinking about you.

Hi Ladies
thnks for words of encouragement, been awake for a while,lying in bed and having one of those, “today could change everything” chain of thoughts. I am normally good at keeping it all hidden, and have half hour until i have to wake the house and begin the day. my daughter is 15 and has a gcse today, so have kept appointments quiet. i did have degerative discs in neck couple years back and hoping that maybe similar to that. but it is very much a different pain, whereas then i couldnt move and was locked up…this pain is more of dull ache. anyway just needed some time to acknowledge my fears out loud and do a few omg omg omg.!!!..right now lets get coffee on,wake the family… and positive thoughts…positive thoughts!!!

today is going to be difficult…but hope to come back with some positive news.

speak soon

Hi Red1

Re results, when I had a bone scan in Dec I asked the nurse at the chemo unit when I can get the result as my next clinic app wasn’t for another 12 days, the onc phoned me in the eve the same day of bone scan to discuss results.

Reading in the bone mets thread there is good effective treatment, ladies are there who have bone mets for years and are working and feeling OK.

Let us know how you get on,

Chrisitne xx

Good luck Red1
Scans, and even more so results, are such an anxious time. Hopefully this will all turn out to be fairly innocent but if you do want more support in the meantime, or after if it does turn out to be mets, then do come back and post. There are many of us bone mets ladies here to help :slight_smile:
Nicky x

thanks Nicky and Christine - was a very long day but consultant will have the results of CT and bone scan in couple of days. so guess its a case of trying to keep busy and wait and see. First scare since dx and lots of memories came back to surface today. my husband is flying to States on morning of results… and i dont want him to cancel work plans…stupid as if he does cancel it make this more than just “probably nothing”!!
am i totally stupid…because this makes sense to me. The few people i have told are very much downplaying it so i just going along with it. i have counselling tomorrow so can open up to my therapist and hope this can help until i know if there is a reason to worry.

hope you ladies are both doing well


Red1 my bone can was not conclusive so officially I have no bone mets. Onc was very positive it’s not a met what they see on the scan but can’t say 100%. I truly hope this is the case, but only time will tell.

Hope all is well with you too,

Christine xx

Hi Red, the waiting really is the pits :frowning:
Try and not focus on them, I won’t say forget them as that’s impossible! Keep busy and if you are seeing a therapist anyway that’s a great time to offload. Good luck with the results, fingers crossed and let us know how you get on.
Nicky xx