Pain in surgery area after first chemo

Hi has anybody else suffered severe pain in the masectomy site after receiving first cycle of fect , I was pain free after 6weeks after my masectomy with full axilla clearance which was great as it’s a very painful experience following the operation then day 5 after first fec and I’m in agony ended up in hospital saying yes infection give me antibiotics then no you don’t have infection but would you like morphine for the pain , no I would like to know why I have the pain , nobody is interested why I’m in pain , so call my GP who prescribed gabapenton for nerve pain , put me on 300mg 3 times a day and wow out of pain , question do I stay on this for whole time receiving chemo or wean myself off, but occasionally still get pain , will the healing stop now in having chemo or continue to heal , don’t feel the help is out there , o and also found out after ct scan in hospital that I now have abnormal blood vessels on my liver and must have a MRI scan on Saturday  so has the chemo done this to my liver as had ct scan before in early Dec and liver was fine , please has anybody else suffered with there wound after receiving fect.

Hi Lindieloo, 


I’m not sure I can offer much help, as I had a lumpectomy and auxiliary clearance, but I didn’t want to read and run.


I certainly have had pain around the surgery sites at various times during chemotherapy, and my experience has been that chemo seems to attack you at your weakest points. Sometimes, the pain has been quite sharp, but it hasn’t been particularly long lasting and you seem to be suffering more than most, from what you have said. 


Its sad sad that you haven’t received a great deal of reassurance from the hospital staff. Could you ring your breast cancer nurse for some advice and support.


I’m unable to offer any help re the liver issue. Hopefully someone will come along soon with some advice.


Gracie x