Pain in the neck!


I have recently been diagnosed with mixed invasive ductal and lobular cancer, grade 2, in the right breast. After an MRI scan they have found two further lesions in the same breast, which they will biopsy. However, I have had a pain in the left side of my neck for ages. Reading some of the posts re neck pain and breast cancer, I am wondering if it has spread there. They do not know about the lymph nodes yet, although they could not see any swelling from the scan. Wouldn’t it be on the same side of the breast, though? I had put it down to age/stress/wear-and-tear/bad pillow, but now I am not so sure. I also have pain in a couple of finger joints but had assumed maybe I was getting arthritis. I am 55. My Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 76 and by then it had spread to her bones, which was how they found it. Therefore, I am paranoid about it. Any thoughts appreciated.

The pain might be from tension, you know worry etc. Try a bit of gentle exersize (like tai chi or yoga. Tai chi certainly works for me to help me relax.
Good luck with the test results

Hi Ann

I was dx Nov 2007 IDC with lymph node involvement and had suffered neck pain for a few weeks before this. I moaned and moaned all through my treatment that I thought it was secondaries. They eventually did an x ray and it was found to be degeneration with a bit of curvature! I was only 46 and horrified. Too many heavy handbags on the shoulder apparently. Have had some physio and seen a chiroprator but nothing has cured it just learnt to live with it.

I hope your pain is just tension and soon goes away. Good luck with all your BC treatment.

Love Judy x

Yes, I expect you are both right. I have had a great deal of stress in my life even before all this, and am continually tense. Also, I had a scan on my shoulder last year because of pain and, like you Judy, they said it was wear and tear - age, basically. I must try to stop imagining all sorts of horrendous things.