Pain in upper arm

Hi all

I havn’t posted for ages but could do with some feedback.
I was diagnosed in 2006 lumpectomy and full lymh node clearance. Developed lymphoedema in arm about 3 1/2 years in. I;ve been wearing the sleeve and swelling is nearly all gone. However I am suffering from pain in the muscles of my upper arm especially bending arm to pull jumper down from boobs or putting on bra (you know when you maneouvre booby into bra cup), using chopper to cut vegetables. I’ve tried stretching out the arm in various positions but its not helping. I am wondering if it could be caused by the elasticated top of sleeve conscricting my muscle.


Hi bev

I occasionally have a pain in the same place that you describe, I also wear a sleeve and the pain does seem to be in the area covered by the top of the sleeve. What makes me think it is the sleeve is that I recently had a new sleeve which was obviously tighter and the pain increased, and eased as the sleeve got worn in.

I will mention it to my LD nurse the next time I see her.


hi both
i can help make the mystery more mysterious: i wear sleeves on both arms but only get that funny feeling in the bicep on my right arm - dominant arm, tumour side
feels a bit ‘pinched nerve’ like but only happens occasionally
& of course one small benefit of rampant cellulitis is that i’m on a break from the compression gear … every cloud …