pain in wrist and shoulder

i am going for a bone scan as the x ray on my wrist was inconclusive. the pain in wrist and shoulder is sharp when i move a certain way, i yelp!! my doctor thought it was tenosynovitis, has anyone had bone met pain like this? i thought it would be more of an ache.

Hi northerngirl,
I have the same problem too, in my wrist and arm , like you when i move a certain way or go to grasp something i get a very sharp pain , so much so it brings tears to my eyes , its very painfull for about a minute then eases but leaves a dull ache and is teneder, my onc says its nerve pain , and perscribed amtripelyne (an anti depressant) .Did you have rads ? cos if so rads can damage the nerves in your arm. Good luck with your bone scan, and hopefully its just the nerves. I realy feel for you though as its bloody painfull.
All the best
Lindiloo xx

thanks a lot lindiloo its always reassuring when someone else has a similar problem.

lets hope it is nerve pain , thats what my doc thought and my husband keeps saying “its obviously something to do with your nerve the way you jump”

its seems strange treatment taking an anti depressant, but what do i know i just do what the docs tell me lol

i had WBR sept 2006 that seems a long time ago but you never know what these treatments are doing to the rest of your body!

Hi Northern girl, how did your scan go , i wish you luck please keep inform xxxxx sophie

hi sophie i had scan on thurs and have app. with onc on fri so will get results then.
i hate the worry i feel my life just revolves around anxiety.