Pain relief Secondary Breast Cancer in the Bone - New to forum & recently diagnosed

Hi Everyone,

I’ve recently been diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in the bone and need some advise on pain relief. Idea of what to expect with radiotherapy, what has / has not worked etc…Basically anything and everything…


Can anyone help ?

Hi Juicylucy
I have bony metastases too that were spotted on CT in Oct. I was in a lot of pain especially in my neck but a few things have helped to get it under control. I take my pain killers regularly whether I am in pain or not, I found if I was missing doses then the pain would come back and worse. I started off using paracetamol and ibuprofen but increased strength now to cocodamol and naproxen. I’ve been put on densumab injections which help bony pain and reduce risk of fractures. Maybe this has been suggested to you? Staying active and having a daily walk helps too. Some postural tips from a physiotherapist helped too. Radiotherapy has not been suggested for me. Where are you getting your pain?
Maybe you know all of this anyway but this is just my experience.
Love Snoopyfan

Hi Juicylucy (what a great login!) and welcome to the secondaries part of the forum.

Youve had some good advice from Snoopy and, like her I’m assuming you are on one type of bone strengthener? This in itself can help with mild bone pain but other medications such as pain killers might be needed if it’s bad. I’ve had bone mets for nearly 9 years now and mine have never caused a problem with pain, just the odd tweak every now and again so it doesn’t mean just because you have bone mets that pain will follow. If it is really bad then radiotherapy to that specific spot can help and a few ladies have had this. The pain tends to increase for a while after the rads but usually it settles down and has obviously helps the ladies that have had it.

If you want to join in with the wider Bone Mets community on here there is a thread called Bone Mets please join in, which is very active and therefore informative and supportive.

Nicky x

Hi Juicylucie


it seems the others have got this all covered, good advice I cant really add to xx


i just thought id butt in and say that I have bone mets too and I often go to my chiro…she usually sorts out my pains…which appears not to be related to the mets…but to my posture both during the day and in bed…, which gives  me sciatica quite often!


anyway she does sort it and has given me lots of tips too. Often my pains are due to added stress.


Hugs, Moijanxx

Hi lucy
Ive had it since 2015. The radiotherapy for pain is different to what they have for cancer. You go in for planning where they explain everthing and take xrays. Measurements ect. This is all non invasive and doesnt hurt. You go back another time for the treatment. Usually about 3-5 days later. Its quick and i had no side effects. At first you dont think it worked but after about7-10 days the pain just goes. Its amazing. Ive had 6 areas done now. They can only do it once in any area. This is only my experience tho and everybody is different. As for pain relief drugs depending on how bad pain is? I started with my doctor. Once all codene ect stopped working i went onto tramadole. Im now under palative care for pain relief and im on controlled drugs called oycodene. Very strong but effective. Without the pain relief i couldnt get out of bed. With it i lead a fairly normal slow life. Walk like a little old lady but im alive and kicking .i hope this helps. Xx

Hi Maldives,


Thank you so much for your info… I’m managing at the Moment with paracetamol during the day and cocodamol at night. (Thankfully this is working-although I do know it’s gonna get worse so don’t want stronger pain killers at the no) I have been suffering from shoulder/ back pain, but luckily not enough currently to stop me living my life. I’m currently in Austria snowboarding, don’t get me wrong I’m a lot more tired than I previously have been & I’m a hell of a lot more careful than I would have been, but other than that I’m currently enjoying every minute of it, whilst I can & I’m ensuring I take my pain killers at the correct time.


I’ve now been put on the Zomat drip as the Abondronic acid was affecting my stomach acid…


I’ve also asked to be referred to a bone specialist to see if they’d be willing to operate as my cancer is low grade according to my oncologist ( I also have myleopalacia in c4/C5 of my cervical spine which they say they’d operate on - my question is why not operate on the other affected areas of my spine too ?)


I’ve Never been one to follow the rules & I’ve never liked being told what to do & this is no exception! Lol


I’ll see what the bone specialist has to say about things & take it from there, I doubt he can do owt, but if you don’t ask you don’t get…

Good for you lucy. I was holidaying around the world. I went away 6 times last year. My team laugh everytime i go in wanting to know where im going next. Ive been on the go since i was diognosed 3 years ago but i must admit i am slowing down. This latest thing is driving me mad. Enjoy your holiday. I love the snow. sue xx

Hi Maldives,


Good for you jet setting off around the world, you do right lass.


I am still working at the moment to try keep a bit of normality, but part of me thinks I should just pack everything into a camper van, including my furry babies (My Cats lol) and our lad (My Partner) and bugger off exploring anywhere and everywhere… The main thing stopping me sadly is finances, but having said that I have been extremely lucky in where I’ve been in the world work wise for free and what I’ve done so it’s not all bad…


I’ve been to China, India, Kenya, Dominican Republic, Canaries, Spain, Balearics and done soem amazing things witha nd for my work so I know I’ve been exetrmely lucky in that respect and I’m very thankful for my experiences.


Keep me updated with your travels & take care


Hi lucy. How was the holiday? Didnt break any bones i hope? Have you had your meet up with the bone specialist? Just had my results. Not good. Cancer is on the move like a little army of ants. Startong chemo tomorrow to blitz the little buggers!!!
Hope your ok. Cant remember seeing any posts from you recently, mind you saying that i cant remember what im doing next. Bloody pain relief drugs. Good but sending me doolally lol xxx

maldives, sorry to hear your news. Hopefully the chemo will blitz the blighters. Let us know how you get on. x