Pain Relief

Hi Ladies,

After taking co codamol for 2.5 years and experiencing a lot of pain recently I have decided to try the prolonged release tablets MST continus tablets. I’ve choosen the lowest dose to see how I get on. I was wondering what the side effects are and if anyone is taking this with pregamblin.

Any comments gratefully received.

Chris x x x

Hello Chris, how are you getting on with the MST?

I’ve been taking MST at varying levels for about 3 months now. I’m currently on 30mg twice a day, but was on 50mg plus oramorph for a while.

The only problem I’ve had is constipation which wasn’t nice. However, it’s much better now I’ve reduced the dose and I’m managing with just two senokot at night and a glass of prune juice in the morning.

Hope you are well.


Hi Wendy,

Thank - you for your reply. I had to go back to the doctor who to it up to 10mg and gave me oramorph for the break through pain, so I’ll have to see how it goes.

I was on cod codamol for a while but didn’t suffer to much and I’ve always got Movicol in case I have any problems.

I’m going to investigate in the prune juice don’t mind it thank goodness!!

Take care
Chris xx

Interesting thread - so thanks for info. I’ve just moved onto MST at 5mg so it’s good to know there are stronger doses and that topping up with oramorph is normal too.

Prune juice is good - so are tinned peaches in fruit juice.

Take care