Pain ten days after core biopsy ?

Hi ladies, had core biopsy ten days ago had no problems but today I’ve had really sharp shooting pains all through that boob, really hurts , been told have invasive cancer back next Wednesday mri, is this normal or is lump getting bigger ? Thanks lynn x



Sorry I dont know but just wanted to acknowledge your post.  You could try posting on the Ask Our Nurses, or try the helpline tomorrow morning they may be able to advise you.  Alternatively ring your breast care nurse on Monday


Helena xx

Hi Ldk,
It may just be nerve pain following the core biopsy. I got a lot of swelling and bruising of the breast after the core biopsy which was nothing to do with any change in the invasive cancer. I think I was just unlucky and can only presume the ball of cancer was extremely hard which resulted in extensive bruising. I suggest you mention it to the breast care nurses but I suspect it is just nerve pain.
Sorry you have ended up joining our club - albeit a very supportive and friendly club!
Wishing you all the best through your treatment.
Seabreeze (3 years on)