Pain Under Arm After Sentinal Node Biopsy

Hello ladies. I had a wide local excision with mammplasty and sentinal node biopsy on 17th and the pain under my arm is still much worse than my breast. It feels like I have a big lump under my arm and it’s a sort of burning sensation although not hot to the touch. Nurse checked it when she removed drain on Sunday and said no sign of infection. Has anyone else experienced this kind of prolonged pain? Any suggestions as to what will help relieve this as it is stopping me from sleeping as I can’t get comfy. Thanks Helen xx

Hi Helen,most people seem to find the wound for SNB a lot more painful than the surgery to breast .BC nurse told me this was because we have a lot more nerve endings there.I had seroma (build up of fluid) under arm and this made it a lot more painful and uncomfortable ,may be worth getting it checked out if doesn’t improve in a few days,when do you next see surgeon/nurse ?

I go back on 7th March. Pretty much left to my own devices till then. Just taken dressing off and looks Ok. Trying an ice pack as suggested on another post. X

If it doesn’t settle down give BC nurse a ring and ask if they can have a look at it,seroma are pretty common (not dangerous just uncomfortable ).

Silly question but would it be obvious if I had fluid build up?

No I dont think it’s always obvious ,I debated whether it was something to get checked out for a while as obviously you are going to be swollen anyway after op.I left it til post op appr with surgeon and he drained it,felt a lot better!!

Well you can’t be an expert on everything can you !!!

Thanks for your advice ladies. I will keep an eye on for a few days. It’s a week since my op tomorrow so still early days I guess. X

You are pretty good on kitchen appliances Jo …