pain under breast

I have had two lots of surgery over last six months for lumpectomy and then full node clearance. I am currently receiving chemotherapy which is bad enough but during the last three weeks I have started to experience a sharp pain underneath my operated breast and wondered if anyone else has had this.

I had lumpectomy in February and radiotherapy. Just recently, my scar is very painful with very sharp pains. I am 99% sure that mine is down to scar tissue as there is no “give” in scar tissue so it pulls tight. If I bend in a certain direction it is far worse. I found wearing a really supportive bra helps.

Yes very much so!My surgery was over 2 years ago and I still get sharp pains under the breast.My surgeon says it is ‘referred pain’ from nerve damage during the op.It will become less frequent but is likely to be a permanent problem.

Likewise I get sharp pain in scar area and seems more tender now that it did a few months ago. Last surgery in feb this year. Can be uncomfortale when reaching up since tight in scar area which is near armpit.