Painful area...


I’m not sure what to think… When I got out of the shower last Sunday and dried under my breast I touched a really sore spot, never had any pain/tenderness before, and it still hurts now. I can’t decide, by comparing it to the other side, wheter there’s a lump or not, but I think it feels a bit thicker. I don’t want to make a fuss/sound like a hyperchondriac. I’m 26, trying to write up a PhD thesis and my grandfather died this morning having been ill since Christmas, so its easy to try and ignore things like this and hope they’ll go away, but it hurts if I, say, sweep my hand across it washing in the shower etc. Will the Dr think I’l overreacting? Does it sound like I’m overreacting? Sorry, not sure where else to go for advice, as I can’t give my Mum anything to worry about at the moment given what’s just happened.


Hi Hamster, I would make an appt with your GP and get your breast checked out. It is probably nothing to worry about, but better checking anyway. Your doc wont think your being a hypochondriac he will think your sensible for checking your breasts.
Take care

PS very sorry to hear about your grandad. It must be a difficult time for you and your family

sending you a big hug, so sorry about your grandad, get checked just to put your mind at rest
galen x

There’s no reason for the Dr to think that you are overreacting because you are not. Any change to the breast should be investigated.

I hope this turns out to be nothing of any concern and I hope you check your breasts regularly in the future…I certainly didn’t at your age, but everyone should get in the habit.

All the best and let us know how you get on.


Thanks, I appreciate your replies. It’s been a hard day. I’ll make an appt to see the Dr on Monday.