Painful breast 2 years since surgery and rads

I had a lumpectomy and radiotherapy about two years ago. In the last week or so, I have been having similar pains to the ones I got during radiotherapy - really sharp for a few seconds. I had a mammogram in January which was all clear and I can’t feel any lumps or anything odd. I would have thought it is the scar tissue etc from rads but it seems such a long time ago to suddenly return like this. Anyone had similar problems?

you can get ongoing pains for 5 years or even more… the rads can continue to work on the tissue for 2 years after you had the last zap.

also we always get wee odd shooting pains in different parts of our bodies at times so it could just be a wee nerve ending.

pain following WLE isnt unheard of at 1 year about 1/4 will still get pain in the breast but by 5 years thats dropped down to around 5%.

theres not really much you can do either as it tends to be intermittent pain so not sure painkillers or brufen gel would help but might be worth trying it.