Somebody told me that if your breast is painful it’s unlikely to be anything sinister, does anyone no if thats the case. thanks

Hi - from reading other people’s posts on here i think alot didn’t have pain… but i think it might depend on the type of breast cancer involved… in my own case i did have pain… but i have a very rare type called inflammatory breast cancer (i was the first patient in over 4 years with it at my hospital unit)


I think every case is different by the looks of it.I have a pain but im unsure if its because my bra wire rubs on my lump.I will know tomorrow after a dreadful wait…(normally level headed but thank goodness for the diazepam the doctor prescribed me to get thru this wait !!got the fastrack clinic at 8.45am so fingers crossed!!!Good luck everyonexxxxxx

Hi Paula,
I have replied tp this Q on your other thread.
Take Care hun,
Jackie xx

Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings but I had shooting pains in my breast. It caused me to put my hand there and spotted the lump! The lump itself wasn’t painful though.

Mine was diagnosed as IDC with 3 out of 24 nodes involved. I was diagnosed last May, had surgery June, chemo July to Dec. followed by rads - I’m feeling great now.

The waiting was by far the worst time. You will get through this although it seems a long road at the moment.

Take care



I think it dont normally hurt but mine did, think it was because it was a big tumour and it was pressing on my nerves, I had to have a masectomy and reconstruction, and start chemo on fri week, I dont know your details if its a lump you have found, but 9 out of 10 it is a good sign my consultant said. I was just unlucky and had bad pain, so hopefully you will be ok best wishes

Thanx very much for all your replies, will let you know how i get on on 31st march, thanx x x

Hi there… In hindsight, I had small stabbing pains, that when I look back on now, could have been a symptom. I got it in one breast only, so it makes sense. They DX IDC. I had a WLE, and after several weeks I felt those same small stabbing pains again. Because I was more aware…I tried to dismiss them…but worried anyway. When I went back for my next results it was to tell me I had DCIS. I had a further excision nearly two weeks ago, and I am trying not to be over sensitive , because so far I am attributing them to normal wear and tear…but now and then I have wondered about an occasional stabbing pain. Will get results next Friday…so I have everything crossed for then!!

Hi , i too had a pain underneath the breast which was checked then it went away. A few months later it returned so i returned to GP who did not think it was anything to worry about but as it was a seciond visit about the same thing i was referred tothe breast consultant , had mammogram, ultra sound and biopsy . i was diagnosed with breast cancer Jan 08, had chemo lumpectomy and rads. I am 42 . Please get anything suspicious or abnormal checked painful or not,

Hope your results are good

Take care all

Hi Paula,
I am also another one who had STABBING pains in it and mine was BC. I think it’s myth the saying that if it hurts it’s likely to be nothing.
Even my GP said " it’s good that it’s hurting " how wrong is he!! lol
take care caron x

I also started out with a prickly pain in my breast which made me check for lumps but found nothing, so just put the pain down to hormones as it was worse after a period.
Three months after this prickly pain started I found a lump which was flat so went to see my GP and she didn’t think it was anything to worry about. Two weeks later I was dx with grade 3 invasive DCIS (lump was 15mm). My doctor did appologise to me when I saw her after.

My story is good news and bad in so far as the ONLY symptom I ever had was breast pain which turned out to be a grade 3 tumour but this week I saw my Onc for a 4 year check so that has to be good in my book.

I was 42 and I had the pain over a period of about 9 months on and off. At first it was diagnosed as hormones and recommended to take evening primrose which helped (I thought!) but it came back with a vengence to the point when I got so fed up I went back to the GP (good move) and after a referal to the hospital my feet didn’t touch the ground.

At no stage was I worried about BC after all we all know what to look for its all about lumps! how wrong can you be!!

With luck it will be hormones but maybe pain should be added to the checklist of things to be aware of


for every symptom there seems to be an opposite or non symptom with this… I thought I had a suspiscious lump 17 years ago,was investigated and was told I just had lumpy boobs ! Since then I have always been breast aware and just before christmas with no pain whatsoever I thought I felt that there possibly was a new lump in my general lumpiness,it all feels lumpy bumpy to me !However,was referred straight away in January and had my 15mm lump out in feb,seemingly I did well to find it,all I can say is know your breasts ,be breast aware and if something just doesnt feel right or is out of the norm for you go get it checked.

hi,my pain in my right breast started about 6 weeks ago it was unbearable i thought it was to do with my HRT replacment, but it didnt feel like any kind of hormonal pain i had ever had before, and it was only in my right breast, i tryed to forget abutit for a bit but kept complaining to my friends and family, the pain finaly died down a bit so i just put it to the bl of my mind. Now its like a dull tooth ache and some times i get a sharp stabbing pain, i went to my gp,s who siad its nothing to worry abut because its so painful and there is no obvious lump even though i do have rather lumpy breasts, i insisted to my gp that it just didnt feel rite for me so she has reluctantly arranged for me to go and have a scan, can anyone else please tell me abut there symptoms i just dont want to feel like im imagining it , thanks Ali

Hi Ali,

First let me say I was dx with IBC, and never had a lump.

My pain began as a dull ache, I definetly assumed it was hormonal as although I’d had a hysterectomy I still have my ovaries and tende achey breasts were the norm for me.

As my symptoms got worse though I experienced a great deal of stabbing pain, my GP prescribed tramadol which I hated taking as they made me so drowsy. It wasn’t until I started chemo that the pain receded.

Best Wishes,
Jackie xx

Hi paulabee

I was interested to read what you said about painful breasts because that is what I started with and as I have had the same over several years (with mammogrames in between) and always been told it was nothing to be worried about. However, when I had the pain before Christmas and then had a slight swelling - which was not normal for me - I decided to go to see the doc yet again (worried that he would make me feel that yet again it was nothing). Fortunately it was a lady doc on that day, never seen her before, and she was not convinced it was nothing so she sent a fax to the hospital and they phoned me the same day with an appoint for a few days later. Then the rest is history.

So what I am saying is yes even though you get pain it is not always innocent and you must get it checked out.

I hope that you get all of the attention you need and deserve.

Pauline (mommyw)

I had a pain but just in my armpit, never felt the lump but so glad dr referred me! Just had lumpectomy and node removal. Best to always get it checked. Debs xxx

Hi Ladies…

I had painful breast for two years. I got referred and biopsy came back neg but they said they would keep and eye on me. A year later after another check up I was recalled. A further biopsy revealed a 5cm tumour (thankfully grade 1). Mine was lobular cancer and it can prresent as a thickening and change in breast shape - not a hard lump.

I have today finished a course of chemo and rads and luckily being hormone + I start my tamoxifen. I am also having an oopherectomy later in the year (my request).

Do not be put off by your GP - insist on a referral.

Hi everyone , thanks for all your replys , i phoned the doctor bk today and she has referd me again but told me even though i have been waiting 2weeks for my appointment i will have to wait for about another 5 as i got lost in the system. she was very arragant when i spoke to her which realy annoyed me, but i have great support from my family and i find it a great help comming on here and talking as well. so thanks again Ali xx

i was under the impression that you should be seen to within 28days under the new government guide lines so i would be phoning the hospital direct and bypass your gp. I have often phoned the hospital when i haven’t received my appointment so you are well within your rights to do so. Hope all goes well.