Painful Drain Site


4 weeks post mastectomy and ANC; does anyone have any experience of drain site still being very painful after this amount of time, feeling like you’ve been kicked in the ribs and then some lol?

I am beginning to get a little concerned.

Best to everyone



yes,i had 2 drains post mastectomy.the lower one is the one that still feels bruised and painful.its got worse,i think it is because everything was so numb to begin with and that now all the nerves are knitting back together so i can feel it more.i had it 3 weeks ago.its my arm thats driving me crazy,it just is so painful and achey and restricted!i have a non compliant toddler who has worked out i cannot pick him up!

Hi Mummy, thanks for posting!

Yep, like yourself it seems to be getting worse and I had expected it to be better by now but like you say it’s probably the numbness wearing off. I don’t know about you but one of my drains was much thicker than the other so that may be it.

I really feel for you about your arm, mine is sore but I don’t have a little one to worry about as well. They are absolutely amazing in clocking available opportunities eh :slight_smile:

I hope you feel much better soon and thanks again for posting, not so alone now.