Painful feet after treatment

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone else has experience very painful feet after treatment? I’ve had chemo and radiotherapy, I’m now taking exemestane and have monthly Zoladex injections. I’ve had sore feet since chemo I think but it is getting worse. Not sure why I’m having the pain and whether there is anything I can do about it. 

If anyone has any similar experience or tips that would be hugely appreciated.


Hi.  Me too!  Agony at times - especially in the mornings. I have aching legs too. I’ve an appt with musculoskeletal physio tomorrow.  My oncologist referred me. See if your consultant can do that for you.  I’m on gabapentin and diclofenic at the moment. 

Hi Rachel,

I haven’t visited this forum for ages but was interested to read you query re-sore feet. I finished my chemo in 2017 and I’m afraid to say that I still have very painful feet. I had numerous trips to my GP and various podiatrists but the only treatment that eased the pain was the steroid dexamethasone but obviously you can’t take that forever. I was refered to see a rheumatologist and he concluded that I had chemo-induced arthritis and suggested I try a rheumatology drug. However, it had quite a lot of side-effects and involved having regular blood tests to check on liver function so I decided just to grit my teeth and bare the pain. My oncologist wasn’t very sympathetic and seemed reluctant to believe it was chemo related but the rheumatologist said it is quite a common side-effect. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I think sadly the damage has been done and certainly in my case it seems to be a chronic inflammation which is particularly painful first thing in the morning or after sitting. I find wearing Skechers shoes has helped enormously and I suppose after 5 years I’m used to the discomfort now. Good luck and please post if you find a magic solution.