Painful feet!


Has anyone who has finished chemo found their feet are painful when standing? Mine get so painful after I’ve been on them for even a short while, but not sure if it’s because I’ve put about 3 st on in the last few years, or some after-effect of chemo, or something entirely different. It feels like my feet bones are wearing through my soles. I stopped wearing high heels, or heels of any sort, and I know I’m fairly unfit, but I do feel like it’s my feet that give up first! I was dx July 07, 4xEC and 4xTax, mastectomy and rads, triple neg, so no hormone drugs. Forgot to mention to my onc at last appoinment, and not due to go back for another 6 months, and am trying to get fitter, but this is becoming a problem. Any ideas anyone???


Hi Shannon,

I suffered with sore feet after a similar regime to you, I think mainly due to the Taxotere. I find Fitflop shoes very comfortable, and also have a pair of the sketchers shape-ups for walking. The good news is that my feet are now fine, so certainly for me it did wear off, albeit quite gradually.
Good luck with the fitness campaign, and hope you feel an improvement in your feet soon,

Hi Julie,

Thanks for the reply! I did get a bit of peripheral neuropathy during the Tax, but it’s been over 2 years since I finished - how long was it before yours felt better? I’m finding it quite frustrating (and painful) when we get out sightseeing, or walking, (or shopping!!) I can only manage about an hour and then have to stop… went to a gig last night and stood for hour and a half, and could barely walk afterwards!


how wierd, i have really painful feet, thought it must be my shoes at first, but realised after bying new ones, wearing old ones it cant be, some one who is a feet expert said it may be due to my arches dropping, so im investing in some shoes along the lines of fit flops,

Someone I know who has been treated for lung cancer recently now experiences a feeling of walking on cotton wool which makes her stagger slightly. She is seeing her oncologist today as they have to give her medication to counteract this. I had mild peripheral neuropathy for 2 days at a time on Taxotere - 3 years on I still get it on an odd day here and there.

I also have painful feet! It seems to have got worse. I had 4 FEC & 4 taxotere plus Herceptin and now on Arimidex. It seemed to start suddenly after starting the Arimidex but could be coincidence. In fact i have made an appointment to see my GP about it so will see what he says. I find it painful to get up if I have been sitting for a long time ie in the car, at the cinema etc. I am nearly 58, 4 stone overweight. So he will probably say it is arthritis and the weight! But I do find shoes with a good sole help. Such as hotter shoes! and trainers.

I have this too and was on epi/cmf but I think it is the tamoxifen doing it. In the morning my feet won’t bend enough to go down stairs but this eases after about 5 minutes. I think it might be the tendons. I also thought it might be extra weight as I need bigger shoes. After a shopping trip I feel like someone hit my feet with hammers. I have been sent to a podiatrist at the hospital and he just said he has no idea and too complicated. He has given me gel heels to put in my shoes but they are not very helpful as they move about. I bought some dunlopillow inner soles which have been helpful when on a hen night and had to last a long time. I buy new shoes more often as worn shoes make it worse. I also wear a different pair of shoes/ boots every day to change the angle of my foot and that is probably the best advice I have. I see the podiatrist again next week but not hopeful that he will help much. I have no pins and needles, just as you say like there is not enough padding under your bones of your feet. It stops me doing exercise.
Good luck. I am hoping it will eventually go when I change tablets.

It could be the weight gain. I gained a lot of weight prior to my treatment and had terrible problems with pain in my feet for a couple of years. I was talking to a friend who is a massage therapist and he said to switch to Ecco shoes. I had no pain at all once I did that. Okay they’re not the most glamorous but they do have some good styles and improving and also they’re not cheap but they really do last. The thing is to be careful about slippers too if you wear them as many don’t offer the foot enough support.

I lost a lot of weight during my treatment and have been able to wear other shoes as a result.

good wishes to all
Elinda x

Fly Flot shoes are really good for comfort as well. I have a few pairs, including summer mules and soft leather clogs for the winter. I’ve even converted my OH to them, he wears the clogs when he’s working from home as he finds them really comfy in the house.