Painful feet

Has anyone else been having foot pain? Im trying to lose weight and need to be doing more exercise but after doing anything other than walk feet throb and I end up walking like an old lady for the rest of the day. I mentioned it to the oncologist on last 2 occasions I saw him but he seemed disinterested and just said to wait till I next see him in middle of feb. I have finished treatment (surgery, chemo, Rads) and thought that all the restrictions would stop and I would be able to work off my ‘near full term pregnancy look’ stomach!!!

Hi… I finished treatment in august and have v painful
Joints in ankles mainly. My oncologist says it’s the chemo treatment and can
Last a year. A right pain as I’m
Starting training for race for life … And it’s agony

Hi Nico,

My wife gets swollen painful feet she can hardly walk on as a side effect from her steroids “Dexamethasone”. Not sure if you are on these?

hi, are you on any hormone treatment because these can cause painful feet , i get up and walk like a very old lady first thing it does wear off after i get moving, it comes from the oestrogen being stripped from us.


There are many ladies who have this problem including me. You may find the thread “Tamoxifen - heel pain link” (think that is right!) useful. It can be found under Undergoing therapy: hormone treatment. I followed the links to plantar fasciitis and found the advice very useful. Not fully recovered but a little more bearable. Marli

Hi Nico,

I was just reading your comment and can relate to your foot pain, I had awful SE throughout chemo and I have been left with severe pain in both feet (Burning sensation/Swelling). I spoke with my oncologist who diagnosed me with Palmer Planter Syndrom, Nervropathic Pain caused by the chemo. Thinking back this started just after my chemo finished just when I started my Rad therapy. I was told this is permanent damage, no cure available. The pain was so severe and was effecting my mobility so I agreed to participate on a trial drug Ketamine this was for six weeks which did help alot. I am now on Ketamine for the time being, I don’t know what will happen I am hoping that it will eventually clear.

I am also very frustrated with my weight and am trying to do light exercise but nothing is happening as it is difficult to do much when your feet are so sore.

Hope this helps.