Painful joints and muscles

Good Evening Ladies

I am due for a mastectomy on Friday. I had two WLI with no clear margins hence the mastectomy. Since my second WLI I have been suffering from lots of aches and pains in all my joints and muscles, from my neck to my ankles!! I rang my BCN but she had no answer for me. Has anyone had the same please? My chemo finished at the end of June and I did have some of the same symptoms during chemo but this is far worse. Thanks Mel x

Hi Mel
I started a thread about this just a few days ago, come and share your experiences with us?

did you have taxotere by any chance?


not sure if links work on here, the thread is called Constant aching joints and muscles - one year on
(or something like that)

I finished my chemo in may and I am still suffering from sore joints and muscles especially first thing in the morning or if I have been sitting. I have been told that it could take a while for this to get better. Excercise is supposed to help but I struggle to walk a distance never mind anything else, this is really annoying me as I was always very active and went at 90 miles an hour but hey ho we will get there
I hope everything goes well on Friday for you
Lizz xx

Thank you so much for your posts, I was convinced that my cancer had spread!

Nat the link works so I will join you there.

Liz, I too whizzed around at top speed and in my head I’m thinking I can still do that! My passion is cooking and not being able do this, well frustration doesn’t cover how I feel.

Once again thank you, Mel x