painful legs anyone?

finished chemo march 3rd fecx3 tax x3 just finished rads 2 wks question is does anyone have heavy achy legs? last couple days had lower back ache but at night in bed really achy legs had to take co codomol to ease,achy in day but more so when in bed ! if anyone has had similar would like to know surely cant keep blaming chemo or can we?thankyou love rachel x

Hi Rachel, my legs have that achy feeling (very sore like post heavy workout), it’s also worst at night, it stops me falling asleep, like you, it’s there in the day but much worse at night. I am ten months post fec/tax. My oncologist said it can take a very long time for some individuals to resolve and is mostly due to tax. X

thanks tina it just helps to know someone else feels it too x

Rachel, everyone reacts and recovers so differently from Chemo, don’t they? I am disappointed that there are still residual aches and pains but hope it will get better in time… But these pains are really making my legs sore and I feel for you being in the same position. Fingers crossed it will resolve over the coming months! X

i finished chemo 4 weeks ago and have achey heavy legs too. In the last two weeks have developed painful ribs has anybody else?


I had my last Tac (includes tax) on 7th October last year and the heavy feeling in my legs got easier by xmas time and was tons better by February this year. I went to Florida in March which involved lots of walking round theme parks and I was fine. If I am sat down for a bit I am a bit stiff when I get up but once I get going I am ok. I had 6 lots of Tax too.

Take care Amanda xx


I was just about to start a thread then searched & found this!!! - I am 6 weeks post TAX & my whole body aches but more in my legs - it’s worst when I wake up & in the evenings but eases in the day a bit - sometimes it is so bad I crawl up the stairs. I am taking painkillers but feel I will get addicted if it doesn’t ease soon. I have heard others who have the same but wanted to get an idea of how long it can go on for - will I have to put up with this for endless months - if so I will go mad!!!

I already feel 80 & this will push me to feeling at least 90 I think.

It was a surprise as I felt worse 3 weeks after the TAX than when on it - cumulative effect no doubt. we all worry about hair & eyebrows returning but to be honest I’d forego them all together to get rid of the constant aches & pains.

sorry to moan - I hope someone out there can give us some light at the end of this far too long tunnel


I feel like my shoulders and collar bone have been crushed! Particularly bad first thing in the morning and whilst sleeping. Legs like lead and still can get my feet into normal shoes. Crocs are comfy but not exactly glamorous! I’m okayish if I keep moving but once I sit down I feel like I need a crane to get me back up. I’m forcing myself to walk the dog every day even though I don’t feel up to it. I’m 2 months post last chemo dose, hope it gets better soon!

Hi Dixons

I’ve got tender ribs too as well as achey legs. Put this down to the fact I’m on rads now and had recon last November - maybe it’s also down to chemo? I finished chemo on 4 April.

thankyou ladies i too have shoulder and rib ache …just wish i could have a pep up pill to give myself a shake xxx

Yes my legs are very sore fell 100 sometimes after sitting down and getting back up. Have tried to avoid painkillers as I feel my body is just starting to recover a bit but might be forced to if it carries on.
Its mostly the calf muscles that are sore with me. Mind you my nomb toes dont help either.

hi everyone,

yep i know the feeling well, feel like a lump of lead all over aches and pains,

had last tax of 6 on the royal wedding day,

my finger nails are very bad, and have also needed a blood transfusion,

i thought i would finish tax and would be well straight away, not so, just hold on there everyone i am sure it will pass eventually, and we will all get back to being our old selves again,

love liz xxx