Painful shoulder

I had a lumpectomy in January, finished my radiotherapy at the end of April and was feeling really good. But for the past couple of weeks my shoulder has been really painful. I did everything the physio told me to do. Is this common and will it last long?

Oh, I have started the exercises again.

My shoulder was painful for months after my lumpectomy. I even had x-rays which showed nothing wrong. It finally got better and I personally think it was caused by the angle my arm was put in when they took the nodes out. It has not been a problem since so be patient.

Thanks olivia, patience is a virtue I find hard!!!
I didn’t want to go bothering my GP if it is something he can’t really help me with

i am sure you will be fine. i had a mastectomy and ended up with a frozen shoulder, i have had injections and physio and still have a slight problem but have been told it will get better eventually.